4 Best Practices of a Trustworthy Paper Shredding Company

paper shredding

Identity theft occurs every few seconds in today’s digital world, affecting both businesses and individuals. In fact, just a small piece of information can give thieves enough leverage to drain bank accounts and set up fraudulent credit cards. Document shredding is one of the best ways to combat identity theft on any level. However, businesses and consumers must look for specific attributes of a trustworthy paper shredding company to remain protected for the long term.

Extensive Paper Shredding Employee Training

Document shredding companies cannot hire just any individuals to sort through sensitive customer documents. Trustworthy shredding companies use extensive training processes to teach their employees how to treat critical information. Some companies may even perform background checks to verify no criminal behavior is part of an employee’s past. Trustworthy companies only remain that way because of their dedicated staff. Long-term employees reflect happy workers and dedication to the art of identity protection.

Companies Come to Customers

In the past, shredding companies used to have huge machines that required customers to come to their facility. Hauling the paperwork into a business meant leaving it open to possible theft as it waited for the physical shredding process. Today’s trustworthy shredding companies are mobile. They’ll bring their shred machines and employees to each business or residence. All paperwork is destroyed on the spot, giving everyone the assurance that identity theft cannot occur.

Always Insured

Shredding companies without any insurance are questionable. General liability insurance is necessary for any shredding business that wants to protect themselves and customers from possible theft. Although insurance is rarely accessed, it’s the hallmark of a good company to have a safety net for their clients. In the off chance of information theft, the insurance activates to cover any losses.

Upfront Pricing

Questionable shredding companies advertise a certain rate, but then add on exorbitant fees. These fees and other additions could raise a document shredding price dramatically. Trustworthy shredders have a set price that’s advertised to all customers. It should be reasonable for basic services with additional charges for customized needs, such as bulk shredding once a year.

It doesn’t matter if a person lives in Dallas, TX or Tallahassee, FL because identity theft occurs across the nation without discrimination. Take the power out of criminals’ hands and place trust in a reputable paper shredding company. Protecting credit and savings is the main goal for all businesses and consumers.