Document Shredding: A Key Component in Safe Business Practices

Although many companies are trying to conform to a paperless office concept, printing out documents will always be necessary in the business world. Companies spend thousands of dollars on file cabinets just to house the information, for example. At some point, it must be purged to move new documents into storage. Document shredding is one of the smartest ways to protect a company from fraud and illegal trade secret exposure. Whether a business works out of San Antonio or another city, documents hold critical information for business success.

What is there to Shred?

Some documents are obvious shredding candidates, such as bank statements, but employees may be confused about other specific items. Paper shredding companies can help businesses understand critical information and how it’s used if revealed to the public. Customer information, including addresses and phone numbers, should be shredded to protect their interests. Sales forecasts are also prime for shredding, even though they are predictions rather than hard numbers.

Certified Document Shredding Only

There’s more to the shred business than just machines. Look for certified paper shredding companies. Federal guidelines meant to protect businesses, customers and vendors must be met for all shredding jobs to be certified. Companies go through a vetting process to become certified, letting customers know their documents are safe.

No Travel Necessary

Time is money in the business world so shredding documents at a facility seems time-consuming. Allow a certified company to visit the office to shred onsite. Simply box up the necessary papers and the shred professionals perform their job right at the office. Business owners see the work being shredded, allowing them to concentrate on other essentials.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Tons of paper could be discarded from just a few different companies in one week. Always select a company that has an environmentally friendly edge. All shredded paper should be recycled into usable products. Simply discarding the paper creates problems at local landfills. Recycled paper can be made into almost any item, including new paper and cardboard. Be aware of the impact on the environment with smart paper shredding and recycling.

Always interview and research several paper shredding companies before committing documents to their care. Document shredding is actually a fine art, requiring specialized tools and protocols to keep all paperwork out of the wrong hands. If employees are unsure about shredding an item, it’s best to shred it for cautionary reasons.

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