Don’t Let Your Customers or Clients Become Victims of Identity Theft

When it comes to safeguarding personal information, cutting corners, or using a discount shredding company can have devastating results. In 2020, the number of identity theft cases jumped to 1.4 million, almost double the amount from the year before, according to AARP.

Whether it’s human error or willful negligence, there seems to be an increase of instances related to improper disposal of sensitive documents.

In 2013, over 250,000 medical records were discovered in a Dallas park. They were supposed to be destroyed by an off-site shredding company, but they never made it to the facility.

More recently, unshredded documents were found in a dumpster outside of a New York DMV office. They contained personal information that could have been used for identity theft.

With the global pandemic, scams have evolved to target the unemployment benefits system with hundreds of bogus claims based on stolen information. If criminals get their hands on these documents, they can use them for a wide range of illegal activity. According to the Federal Trade Commission, these illegal activities can include:

• Receiving new credit cards in someone else’s name
• Opening a phone, electricity or gas account in someone else’s name
• Stolen tax refunds
• Filing fraudulent unemployment claims
• Accessing bank accounts
• False identification upon arrest
• Using someone’s medical insurance information to access healthcare

When contracting an off-site shredding service, make sure to ask the right questions so you know your documents will be destroyed properly. Do they have a rating from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)? Where does the shredding happen? What happens to the shredded material? How will I know everything has been destroyed?

At Marshall Shredding, we have provided quality on-site shredding services for over 20 years. That’s 3,856 tons of paper shredded with no leaks or compromised files or data. We have the highest rating (AAA) from the NAID. We conveniently come to your location to shred documents and electronic waste onsite. Once fully destroyed, we take the material back to a plant to be recycled safely. Our trucks are equipped with cameras and a video monitoring system so you can verify all your confidential documents and materials have been properly destroyed.

Hire a company that has a proven track record for eliminating your sensitive documents safely and efficiently. Your clients and customers look to you to protect their private information, and you can trust Marshall Shredding to make sure it is destroyed securely.

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