Why Every Office Needs Secure Shredding

secure shredding, document shredding company, on site document shreddingEvery office, at some point, finds themselves in need of getting rid of sensitive information, but quite a few find themselves unprepared for such a task. What is the best thing to do in this scenario? On instinct alone, you may simply discard such important documents in the garbage without much consideration of the risks.

However, the risks are there and palpable, and happen to unsuspecting businesses just like yours on a regular basis. Don’t put your company’s sensitive data at risk! If and when you need to get rid of your company’s private information, secure shredding is always your best bet. Rely on a company that provides on site document shredding for the task. Here’s why!


Protection From Legal Consequences


Often times the confidential information handled by your company pertains to your clients or the inside details of your company’s operations—data you definitely don’t want falling into the wrong hands! Should this happen, your business will face an immeasurable amount of trouble, ranging from HIPAA violations to loss of income or clientele. Whatever the consequences may be, you don’t want to risk them. By relying on an on site document shredding company, you eliminate these types of hazards.


Eliminates Clutter


Anyone who works in an office setting knows full well how quickly and easily clutter can pile up. It’s all too easy to hoard any and all documents produced by or sent to the office, just in case you need them for later. However, most of the time, you rarely need them but maybe a few times at the most; as a result, they sit there taking up valuable space.


When you consult a document shredding company, they can help you cut down on all of this clutter… literally! Paper shredding ultimately gets rid of those unnecessary documents once and for all! Best of all, it does so without cluttering your waste baskets or the environment. Shredded paper is compact and biodegradable, making it environmentally friendly both in and outside the office.


Increased Savings Through Secure Shredding


There isn’t a single business in existence today that isn’t concerned with their financial patterns. You want to cut spending where you can, whenever you can, and your secure shredding methods are one place to start! Consider how often you actually need to shred your documents and other sensitive data. If you’re like most companies, this isn’t a frequent need.


Why spend on an in-office shredder you’ll rarely use? You can ultimately save far more money by hiring a document shredding company every now and then, while still taking care of your disposal needs on demand! Ultimately, the amount you incorporate into your company’s budget for a shredding service will be far cheaper than what you would have to spend to cover the damages wrought by any exposed data!


At Marshall’s Shredding, we understand just how important it is to keep your data safe. Our services are tailored to just that. To learn more about our information disposal capabilities, or schedule your own shredding, contact us today!

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