Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Shredding Companies

mobile shredding companiesProtecting your company or client information from identity theft or privacy breaches is extremely important in the business world today. One minor mistake could lead to major consequences. Many times, breaches of this nature occur because of dumpster divers finding information on documents not securely shredded.

A document shredding company can save your business a significant amount of time and money, not to mention keep your information more secure. And mobile shredding companies are even more convenient for various reasons.

Secure and Convenient Document Shredding

What’s more secure than having all of your documents shredded in your office before they are taken off site? That’s the role of these shredding companies. You have the opportunity to watch them shred your documents into the tiniest of pieces, which are impossible to piece together to obtain information.

And most mobile companies will come to your office at predetermined times, depending on how often you need documents shredded. Overflowing shred bins are just as dangerous as throwing confidential documents in the regular garbage. The security and convenience offered by these shredding companies are unmatched, so take advantage of them.

What is Onsite Shredding?

Onsite shredding is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s exactly what mobile document shredding companies do. They will come to your office with their shredders so you can confirm the documents are properly destroyed. Some companies even provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, just so there are no questions about confidentiality breaches at any time. No matter the volume of the documents you need shredded, or how often you need a shredding company to come to your office, the best onsite shredding companies will be there when you need them.

Mobile Shredding Companies Are Eco-Friendly

We all know the benefits of recycling paper and other items. But what exactly does a document shredding company do with the shredded paper from your business? It’s a very similar process of gathering all of the paper with other recycled materials and sending them to be recycled. The paper can then be turned into new paper products through standard recycling practices.

Marshall Shredding has been in business for more than 15 years and has never had a file or data compromised. We take pride in not only being a secure mobile document shredding company but a convenient one that businesses can rely on. Whether you are using a mobile shredding company service or not, be sure to contact us to see how we can help your business through our mobile shredding practices.

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