Going green with local shredding companies

local shredding companies

Going green with local shredding companies

Being green or environmentally conscious is a real goal for many San Antonio companies. In fact, customers may flock to certain businesses when they know green practices are in play. Companies might manufacture their items with green intentions, but they usually produce some waste in the form of electronics and paper. Go green by choosing local shredding companies for nearly every recycling need.

No Fuel Necessary

Local shredding companies come to each business on a regular schedule. They prepare their rounds as efficiently as possible in order to save on fuel. The business itself saves on fuel too because there’s no need to haul recyclable items around town. Gasoline or diesel is derived from fossil fuels, which continues to harm the environment with fumes entering the atmosphere. With both the business and hard drive shredding service company saving on fuel, the entire process remains as green as possible. Ideally, schedule a monthly pickup instead of a weekly visit in order to reduce fuel even further.

Recycling Precious Metals

When a business uses a hard drive shredding service on a regular basis, they’re staying green by returning precious metals back into the industry. Every electronic component is made out of a mixture of different metals. When local shredding companies pick up the items, these metals can be used in other components instead of obtaining new materials. As a result, fewer substances enter the landfills and more metals don’t have to be mined from the Earth. This recycling choice can be advertised by the business in order to show off their green practices.

Saving Trees

Shredding sensitive paperwork is the core of any document-destruction company’s services. These shredded pieces are eventually recycled so that the paper can be used for other purposes, from new paperwork to paper towels. Because there are plenty of shredded paper pieces, manufacturers don’t need to buy new paper goods for their materials. As a result, fewer trees are logged as demand drops. More trees in the ground means that the atmosphere can be cleaned by the transpiration processes offered by the leaves.

Always choose a shredding professional that can serve all of a company’s needs. Some shredders only work with paper, which leaves any electronics left out of the green process. Ask about a hard drive shredding service when a company shops for a new shredder. Combining every recycling need into one service makes the process even more environmentally friendly.

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