Your Hard Drive Shredding Service: A Behind the Scenes Look

hard drive shredding serviceTake a peek in your offices. You might have a room dedicated to servers. If the company uses the cloud, your on-site storage might be limited to just a handful of hard drives. Regardless of your data-management choices, every business has hard drives that are in use or about to be discarded. Take control of your data even after it’s been discarded with a hard drive shredding service. Protecting your information must be a priority.

The Deletion Myth

Many businesses still labor under the illusion that deleting files from a hard drive is good enough for data protection. This myth is entirely wrong. In fact, it can quickly bring a company down without the help of mobile shredding companies. Savvy thieves can still access those deleted files unless the hard drive is physically destroyed. The professionals are the only ones who can truly break a hard drive down until it’s impossible to locate the embedded information.

Secure Pickup by a Hard Drive Shredding Service

Your hard drive shredding service provider sends the shredders to your location. There’s no need to haul your own documents and drives around on company time. Mobile shredding companies come to you. They’ll document the items being picked up so that there’s a record of receipt. Unlike documents, hard drives cannot be destroyed at your location. They must be hauled to a centralized facility. Rest assured that every item hauled from your site is entirely secured with shredding employees who have extensive, background checks. Safety and security is the number-one goal.

Tracked Transport

Technology has made your experience with mobile shredding companies much easier than in the past. Tracking every discarded item is possible with today’s electronic gadgets. This scenario simply wasn’t possible before the Internet and smartphones. As your hard drive moves between different points along its route, it’s scanned for documentation purposes. You can see the drive moving in real time as you read over the scanned information. Know where your drive is at all times so that there’s no question about the service.

Shearing or Crushing Proceduresdocument shredding company

Depending on the shredder’s facility, your hard drive meets either a crushing or shearing end to its life. Drives that are crushed will have shattered components that cannot be repaired and compromised. Shearing is one of the most common types of destruction designed for electronics. The drives are literally cut into small pieces, which leaves the information protected for all time. It’s no longer accessible in any form.

Certified Destruction

In most cases, you won’t be present during the hard drive’s demise. This is a major concern for companies with sensitive information. Luckily, there’s a simple solution in the form of certification. As each hard drive moves through the shredding machines, workers produce a certificate that’s mailed or emailed to the clients. You’ll always know when and where the data was destroyed.

Compliance Solved

This certification isn’t just for peace of mind. It also helps companies with privacy compliance. Privacy concerns are legal dilemmas for some companies that are struggling with data security. Firewalls, virus software, and other security choices protect data when it’s being currently used. Protecting it while being destroyed has been a problem. With a certificate of destruction, there’s proof that no breaches are on your end.

Verify that a hard drive shredding service is available with your local shredder. Some facilities don’t offer these services above and beyond the document-destruction processes. Marshall Shredding can shred nearly every office item, from hard drives to paper. Selecting a shredder with versatile capabilities will only improve your business’s data flow. Your proprietary information remains hidden from view.

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