Hard Drive Shredding Service is Critical to Your Business’s Reputation

hard drive shredding service, local shredding companiesSwapping computers out among employees is a common practice in any industry. Colleagues delete files that shouldn’t be shared. They offer the “blank” computer to their comrade who promptly fills it up with new data. At some point, this computer becomes obsolete. Before deleting the last files and tossing the item, be aware that data breaches are still possible. A hard drive shredding service is the answer to your disposal needs. It solidifies your reputation in a given industry. You’re a concerned business ready to take on any data breaches with practical solutions.

Risks of Identity Theft

A major reason to be cautious about computer hard drive disposal is identity theft risk. Hackers aren’t just looking for business information. Taking a customer’s name and posing as that individual is how many scams come to life. Each one of your clients has their personal information within the computer. By deleting the information and discarding the drive, hackers quickly use and spread that data out to other people. Local shredding companies use trusted employees to protect and destroy the information before it reaches the general public.

Spread of Proprietary Information

Within those drives are countless pages of proprietary information. This data might be engineering schematics, concept art, and other sensitive pages. The information could essentially describe an entire company’s product or service structure. Losing this information to hackers is a critical mistake that has lasting effects. Turn to a hard drive shredding service for devices holding critical data. Physically destroying the drives means that no one can access the discs within. Shattered drives with tiny pieces are impossible to put back together. This fact is especially true when the shredding company doesn’t just throw out the pieces into the trash.

Offers Recycling Opportunities Through a Hard Drive Shredding Service

There’s an amazing amount of metal that goes into a single, hard drive. Metals might include palladium, copper, gold or platinum. These substances are all reusable in other applications. Local shredding companies don’t discard the destroyed pieces. In fact, many businesses recycle the metals for other uses. As a result, businesses working with a recycling shredder continue to help the environment. Metals being reused means that new products don’t require mined substances to complete their manufacturing process. Advertise your healthy relationship with the environment. Many clients respond with loyal business over the years.

Know When and Where the Drives are Destroyed

Most shredding companies provide on-site services for paper but not for hard drives. Trusted workers log and transport the devices to a secure facility where they’re destroyed. From the moment that the hard drives leave your presence, you have a tracking method to keep up with them. You know when and where they’re destroyed. There’s no question about their location and physical state. Receive a certificate of destruction in the mail as another verification of a job well-done.

Protects Sensitive Employee Data

Protecting the business and clients are important reasons for hard drive destruction, but think about your employees as well. Social Security numbers, payroll information, and other data must remain confidential for the employees’ professional safety. Compromised data can destroy lives as salaries, reprimands and personal information flow from a hacked, hard drive. Shred the drives so that each employee has the protection that they deserve.

Local shredding companies, such as Marshall Shredding, offer both paper and hard-drive services at your doorstep. Although some items must be taken to an off-site location for processing, you can trust these experts to protect your data. From tracking the devices to certifying their destruction, a hard drive shredding service is priceless in the world of business reputations and longevity.

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