Have a Hoarding Problem? Residential Shredding Services are Available in San Antonio.

Hoarders are not collectors and often avoid throwing away any number of items such as newspapers, magazines, paper and plastic bags, photographs, and so on. While people hoard for many reasons, the main reason is the belief that the possessions will be useful or valuable at a later time.  In contrast, collectors have a sense of pride about their possessions and find joy in exhibiting them to others. When you’re ready to get organized, consider residential shredding services.

Why Choose Residential Shredding Services

Dumping or tossing out personal documents in a trash bin or street dumpster isn’t recommended because anyone could find and use documents with personal information.  To keep personal information in order, consider a secure container to house documents for pick-up. These unique containers keep items safe from prying eyes allowing for convenient access when ready to view.

Residential shredding services offer ease and convenience by offering either drop-off services or coming straight to the door to professionally and securely take care of document shredding needs.

Document shredding services recommend disposing of anything with social security, driver’s license or account numbers, and documents containing written passwords. Keep in mind, personal information isn’t just on paper. It’s important to know the whereabouts of any credit cards, passports, utility bills, X-rays, CDs, DVDs, and so on. Each of these items and more has the potential to hold incriminating information, which an identity thief can use.

With federally mandated guidelines, it’s important to be aware of various document shredding services and residential shredding services in San Antonio to make sure you’re never a victim.

Items to be Shredded

Though most people know that items that possess personal information should be shredded, it is daunting to realize the number of items that carry private and protected information. When looking for document shredding services, consider all files and be aware anything from account records and ledgers to test scores and class rosters are ideal hunting grounds for identity thieves.  Other items to consider are advertisements, applications, bank statements, appraisals, canceled checks, and even cell phones.

As you begin to think about the kinds of information people deal with on a daily basis, don’t forget to be aware of computers and hard drives. These items can also be used by identity thieves to steal personal information.