How to be Unpopular in the Hard Drive Shredding World.

Businesses may be familiar with document shredding and its importance to identity protection, but more San Antonio companies and residents rely on computers rather than paper alone. Countless hard drives, memory chips and other storage devices are filled, accessed and disposed of each day. Even a slightly damaged hard drive, however, can be accessed by experienced hackers. It’s simple to be unpopular in the hard drive shredding world if you follow some poor examples when dealing with computer devices.

Files Not Backed Up Before Hard Drive Shredding

One of the most common ways to earn an unpopular crown in the hard drive shredding world is lack of backup. Although shredding customers should perform their own backups, the disposal company also needs to check for data safety. If no backup is recorded for a hard drive, it should be given to an IT professional at the business for immediate saving.

Incomplete Shredding Process

Disposal companies must completely destroy the hard drive to be effective and safe for the customer. Unpopular shredding companies leave part of the hard drive intact. In these cases, it’s possible for hackers to access the information. Although it may be difficult or in partial sections, the hard drive could have sensitive information that is useful to others even in small pieces.

No Proper Disposal or Recycling Protocol

Even if the hard drive and document shredding company processes the devices correctly; they must still have a strong disposal policy. Shredding companies can’t just throw these items into local landfills. Electronics, in particular, have harmful chemicals within their printed circuit boards that must be discarded safely. If a business or citizen hires any company, verify their disposal policy to protect the environment.

Poor Communication with Customers

No business should make a customer feel confused about their shredding process. Unpopular companies state vague promises and often don’t have the policies to safely discard the items. Look for a qualified shredding company with strong references in the region. Businesses relying on them will recommend the service if their information has been safe in the past. Trustworthy shredding companies become partners with local businesses and residents.

As a business or regular citizen, make it a point to combine document shredding with e-waste disposal. Qualified companies usually cover all these needs in a one-stop shop for customers. Ask about their protocols before hiring to ensure all information remains confidential and safe from prying eyes.

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