Need to Dispose of Your Old Hard Drive? Mobile Shredding Can Take Care of That.

Identity theft is a major issue for both individuals and businesses, and San Antonio is no exception. In this case, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” becomes a catalyst for criminals sifting through not only paperwork tossed aside, but also computer information such as that found on your hard drive. If you need to erase data, consider hard drive shredding. Simply erasing data is not enough when considering disposal of your hard drive. This kind of data can still be accessed by experienced information retrieval experts and can lead to major security breaches in both your personal and professional lives.

Mobile Shredding Puts the Power Back in Your Hands

While many companies often use software to erase information, for secure destruction of personal and private information stored on computer hard drives and disks, it’s important to consider mobile shredding. Companies which offer this service, put the power back in your hands by traveling to your home or business and either picking up the item to be destroyed in specially secured trucks or shredding it while you wait. Either way, you can be assured that the information has been destroyed through hard drive shredding and that no one can again access your information. To be sure your hard drive is fully destroyed, it should also be cut into pieces as you might cut a credit card when it’s closed or you no longer find it effective.

Benefits to Shredding Hard Drives

There are a number of federal regulations mandating what should be disposed of properly. Using a mobile shredding company can help facilitate your hard drive shredding. By not shredding your hard drive, you leave yourself open to identity theft, loss of money, loss of credit, and most of all, loss of trust. It takes time to build trust. Don’t let an identity thief take that away as well as anything tangible that can be gleaned from a hard drive which hasn’t been properly destroyed.

Other benefits of this process include relieving liability of easy access around your workspace, maintaining compliance and good standing credentials from state and federal lawmakers in regard to HIPAA and FACTA, as well as simply clearing out storage space and creating a more presentable environment.

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