Onsite Shredding Service vs Plant-based: Weigh the Options

onsite shredding service, file shreddingEvery business should have some strategy for their file shredding processes because both customer and employee records can hold extremely sensitive information. Currently, many document companies offer an onsite shredding service to please nearly all of their customers. They’ll literally show up at the business’s doorstep and quickly shred everything. However, it’s important for companies to choose between plant-based and onsite shredding to complement their business’s overall needs.


Onsite Shredding Service Convenience

Businesses don’t have to worry about their file shredding processes when the service comes right to the building. In fact, only one employee must be diverted from their normal workload to transfer the documents out to the mobile shredding vehicle. This mobile convenience allows businesses to shred more frequently with little time taken away from daily duties. The business also benefits by reducing waste generated from daily activities as documents are shredded and recycled simultaneously.

Considering Field-Based Workers

In contrast, a mobile shredding service wouldn’t be appropriate if most employees are field-based. Many companies, such as construction businesses, work out of their vehicles for the most part. In these cases, a plant-based shredding company would be more appropriate. Field-based employees would simply drop off their documents to be shredded whenever they are in the area.

Increased Security with Onsite Selection

Every business holds a certain amount of sensitive documents pertaining to their employees or clients. An onsite shredding service benefits almost any standard storefront with increased security for all of the sensitive information. Those documents don’t have to sit in a vulnerable location for months at a time before they’re hauled to plant-based shredding facilities. They’ll simply be destroyed before anyone can compromise the information.

Remote or Highly Sensitive Workplaces

Some facilities, such as government agencies or hazardous substance companies, cannot have unauthorized personnel on their property. In these cases, a plant-based shredding facility is suitable for their document destruction. These facilities simply bring all of their documents to a local plant for proper shredding processes. The information remains protected while facilities maintain their high security levels.

Document storage and file shredding frequency both contribute to a more secure workplace. Companies must store their documents in a locked or monitored area until the next onsite shredding service is scheduled. Ideally, shredding should occur at least once a month or even more frequently for high-volume clients. In the end, all company information remains protected regardless of its sensitivity level.

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