Professional Document Shredding: Why Your Office Shredder Should Be Tossed

document shreddingThe office shredder is doing its job once again as Monday rolls around. You might hear this machine going off throughout the workweek. It becomes a hum in the distance, but it shouldn’t be the norm. Offices around the world are realizing that the standard shredder is really a nuisance. It’s actually taking away from the company’s productivity. Learn more about why you should toss the shredder and hire document shredding professionals today.

Data-Theft Vulnerability

Data theft of every kind is on the rise in most cities, including Dallas and Houston, TX. Every company must act diligently in order to stop these breaches. Office shredders are particularly vulnerable to theft because of their slow operations. There’s almost always a paperwork stack nearby. It’s waiting for an employee to come by and finish the job.

This stack might have sensitive data. Anyone with access to this area can pick up the documents. Your information is now breached and open to the public.

No Confetti Creationlocal shredding services

Some companies might be punctual about their document shredding practices. There’s no paperwork pile, but the shredder isn’t the best one on the market. It creates paper strings. Don’t trust these shredders because the data still isn’t secure. It’s possible to tape the pieces back together. Your time was only wasted with the office shredder in these cases.

Local shredding services turn the paperwork into confetti. These tiny pieces are impossible to piece together. They’re also mixed with other papers that make the matching game a challenge beyond the human brain’s capacity.

Poor Worker Morale

No one is ever excited about heading to the shredder. It’s a mundane task that interrupts an otherwise, productive day. Toss the in-house shredder because it’s hurting the company’s morale. Give them tasks that are suited to their talents. Engage them with projects that enhance their resumes and the company’s bottom line.

Hiring local shredding services to take over this mundane task is the easy answer. Your workers don’t mind a quick hello from the professionals as they haul out the discarded paperwork for instant shredding.

Extra Cleaning Costs

Wiping down the shredder’s table or vacuuming around a floor model is part of the daily process. Shredding creates messes in the office. It doesn’t matter how careful each person acts around the machine. This extra task of cleaning up adds up to lost time.

Hire mobile shredders so that your cleaning tasks become streamlined. A weekly vacuuming will be the only requirement at that point.

Expensive to Buy and Maintain

In-house shredders aren’t cheap when you want a quality machine. You invest in the machine along with its maintenance costs. Add up these charges over time. Discover that mobile shredders are actually less expensive than keeping up your in-house machine. The numbers make your tossing decision an easy one to make.

No Document Shredding Certificates

Toss out your shredder because it doesn’t offer any destruction certification. Random documents move through it. There’s no way to track the information if some data ends up being breached in the future. When you work with shredding professionals, each visit comes with a certificate. You know exactly which piles were destroyed and at what time. If any legal issues arise in the future, there’s proof that it isn’t your company that’s at fault.

Houston and Dallas have many local shredding services, including Marshall Shredding. Trust in document shredding by the experts because the effort pays off with improved profits and happier employees than before. Taking this chore out of your employees’ days creates more time for important projects and customer appreciation. Allow the professionals to process those discarded papers.

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