Questions to Ask when Choosing a Paper Shredding Company

paper shredding, mobile shreddingYou’ve recently decided that you should stop handling your business document destruction needs on your own.  You’ve heard one too many horror stories of identity theft and other crimes involving stolen information. It’s time to bring the professionals in to keep your information safe. There’s just one problem. With many different document destruction and paper shredding companies to choose from in Dallas, how do you decide which one is right for your company’s needs? To help you make the best decision possible, here are some questions you could ask when conducting your search for the right company.

How long have you been in the paper shredding business?

Knowing how long a company has been in business can help establish their credibility and make you more likely to want to work with them. If they have only been in business for less than a year, it might make you a little hesitant. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the company isn’t good at what they do. It just means you might feel better partnering with someone who has the process down to a science.

 What are Your Service Options?hard drive shredding

It’s important to know what each company offers to see which companies can best suit your business’ needs. What type of secure cut does your paper shredding service provide? Do they offer mobile shredding? Do they offer hard drive shredding? These are just some of the services you’ll want to inquire about. The more comprehensive the services, the better able the provider can handle what you want. You’ll also want to know the cost of these services along with a schedule of service.

 Do you Recycle Shredded Material?

If your company is environmentally friendly, this question will be of importance. Chances are you’ll be interested in partnering with a company that shares the same commitment to keeping the planet healthy. If they are compliant, it means that they will send your shredding materials to a trusted and secure recycling partner.

Do you have Certifications?

paper shreddingIt’s always reassuring to know that the company you are working with is NAID AAA certified. The National Association of Information Destruction is the body that provides oversight for the destruction and shredding industry.  This ensures that the destruction of your information goes through a strict chain of custody process.  As a result, your shredding company will also be subject to audits to ensure they are following all proper criteria.

What is your Process?

Even though you can rest easy knowing that a shredding company is certified, you should still understand exactly what the process is. How is your information collected? How is it handled? How is it tracked? How is it protected during the destruction process? What exactly is mobile shredding? These are all part of the process and knowing the answers to these questions will help you gain a better understanding and can provide reassurance.

 With information theft on the rise, you can never be too careful. Hiring a paper shredding company is the first step to avoiding this potential problem from affecting your business. But, not just any Dallas company will do. You’ll want one that is reliable and effective at getting the job done. At the end of the day, you’re not just paying for a paper shredding service. What you’re really after is the peace of mind of knowing that your company is protected.  That’s why at Marshall’s we pride ourselves on knowing that our customers can sleep well at night knowing that their business information is safe in our hands.

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