Secure Shredding Services: Getting to Know the Steps

Secure Shredding Services: Getting to Know the Steps

secure shredding servicesWhether you manage or own a business, securing the company’s information is critical. That information might be in the form of paperwork or computer hard drives. When it’s time to discard any sensitive data, the trash can is the worst place to trust. You need secure shredding services, and these are the steps to help you maneuver through the process.

Confidential, On-Site Material Handling

The first steps for any shredding company service is scheduling an on-site visit. A secure vehicle arrives at your doorstep for every appointment. This personalized visit means that you don’t have to sacrifice employee time to transport discarded materials. Your time commitment is minimal, and it’s mostly limited to letting the shredding personnel in the door. Because the discarded paperwork doesn’t have to travel far, it has very few chances of being compromised. It won’t be lost, misplaced or exposed to unauthorized personnel. The paperwork moves across your property then it’s destroyed at the vehicle.

Immediate and Secure Shredding ServicesSecure shredding services

When other companies shred your information, the process is usually hidden or proprietary in nature. In essence, you don’t actually see the items become a shredded pile. It might be possible that the paperwork is exposed to unauthorized viewing by any party walking into that shredding company. Mobile shredders are different, however. You’re welcome to watch the destruction process at your doorstep. The employees carefully funnel the paperwork into the machinery where it’s immediately turned into tiny bits. The only process that’s not seen at the mobile level is the recycling section performed at the shredding facility.

Receiving Your Certificate

After your secure shredding services, the employees draw up a certificate. This paperwork notes the date, time and content destroyed during the service. If you don’t have a chance to watch the shredding process in person, this document gives you the verification of the service. Any issues that might arise in the future, such as a client pointing at your company for unauthorized data exposure, can be quickly corrected with a certificate in your hands. You have actual proof that your information is always secure so that no accusations can damage your industry reputation.

Handling Off-Site Shredding

For most companies, your shredding needs largely revolve around paperwork destruction. There are other services that you’ll need on a less frequent basis, however. Hard-drive shredding is possible today because this information is just as critical as paperwork types. Most hard drives must be destroyed off-site. Vehicles simply can’t support the machinery necessary to perform the job. Your reputable shredding company will track the hard drives and report this information back to you. It’s possible to track the drives from your doorstep to the recycling bin. This intricate tracking gives you the peace of mind that sensitive data is entirely safe.

One-Time or Regular Service Choices

Company volume dictates your shredding-service choices, especially when it comes to paperwork filing. Small companies may only need a one-time service that covers their needs on an annual basis. For most medium to large businesses, monthly or quarterly shredding is required to cut down on security breaches and storage issues. Contracts with your shredding professionals are normally available so that you can lock in a particular price.

Your shredding company will always identify themselves as they arrive at your facility. Service vehicles and employees advertise the company’s name in most cases. If you’re not sure about the secure shredding services visiting your property, call your representative. They’ll be able to identify the employees at your door. Being careful about any data transitions is part of the company’s services to every customer.

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