Secure Shredding Services: Following the Paperwork Trail

Secure Shredding ServicesBusiness invoices, internal memos, and countless other items float around your company on a daily basis. Each line item reflects a potentially sensitive piece of information that can compromise the company, your vendors or clients. Protect your business with the help of paper shredding companies. Learn more about secure shredding services as you take a ride from paperwork creation to destruction.

Filling Those Handy Containers

Paper shredding companies cannot service every client each workday. You must hold onto the paperwork for several days at the very least. Secure the paperwork in the meantime by using shredder-approved containers. They look just like trash cans used at your home, but they have a locking top. Toss the paperwork in the container through the slot on top. The container remains locked so no-one can access what has been tossed.

Also, choose a container that’s designed more like a safe or cabinet. Stack the paperwork within this container through the locking door. Although you trust your employees to protect the company’s data, paperwork left outside of the secure containers can still be copied and passed around to the wrong people. Accidents and intentional compromise are possible in any industry. Avoid most problems by keeping paperwork secured in these specialized containers.

Scheduling the Mobile Shredders

Your containers may be filling up with considerable speed. Don’t let them overflow because the result is paperwork being left outside on tables, desks, and workstations. Your trusted, secure shredding services suggest a schedule that matches your work volume. They might visit once or twice a month in some cases.

If you notice that the containers are filling up faster than expected, paper shredding companies adjust their visit frequencies. Pick a day of the week or month that works for your business. When extra visits aren’t convenient for clients, the shredders can offer extra containers. Place these containers in various locations around the office. With multiple access points, employees automatically use the containers without much thought. It’s just habit to secure the data.

Watching the On-Site Destruction

The next step in the paperwork trail is partially entertainment for your employees. The mobile-shredding vehicle pulls up to your facility. They’ll access the secured containers and carefully remove the contents. Immediately afterward, they shred the paperwork into tiny pieces. You’re welcome to watch this process, especially because you see every step with transparent ease.

The beauty of professional shredding extends past the paperwork’s demise. The small pieces end up being recycled. A collective effort between your company and the shredder eliminates waste from entering the landfills. Fewer trees are necessary for the marketplace now that recycled materials are available. Feel confident that your sensitive paperwork is now completely transformed into a usable product that’s impossible to decipher for its previous contents.

Understanding Off-Site Secure Shredding Services

Most paper shredding occurs at your location, but some items must be transported to the shredder’s facility. In these cases, you still have a paper trail in the form of touch points. Your paperwork, hard drives or discarded mobile devices are secured at the point of pickup. As they travel to the facility, they’re scanned and documented. You see virtual footprints of the items until they enter the shredder. At that point, you receive a certificate of destruction to verify that the items are no longer accessible. Technology and shredding services come together to keep your data safe.

Marshall Shredding Company offers its AAA-rated services to the public. Trust your paperwork in the hands of these professionals. Every service is entirely transparent so that you’re secure in the knowledge that the data is destroyed. Secure shredding services take considerable effort by only a few experts in the industry.

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