Shredding Companies and Saving the Environment

Shredding Companies and Saving the Environment

shredding companiesWhen companies work with San Antonio shredding companies, they usually concentrate on the immediate benefits offered by the system. Safe paperwork destruction and productive employees are just two of the known features that businesses enjoy when they hire secure shredding services. However, businesses are also improving the environment by working with reputable shredders who recycle their paper.

Used for Alternative Purposes

Shredding companies collect paper and destroy the sensitive information. However, the paper’s pulp can still be used as it’s formed into blank-paper products. Instead of resorting to environmentally unfriendly foam peanuts in shipping packages, shredded paper can be the material of choice. With fewer foam products circulating between businesses, there’s less waste and environmental damage. One foam piece can take 100 years or more to break down into another usable material.

Creating New Paper

The recycled paper from secure shredding services can also form brand-new paper. Paper pulp simply needs to be bleached and formed into new materials. Because nearly any paper can be recycled, there’s not a high demand for new paper goods derived from living trees. These majestic plants can remain in nature where they contribute to clean air and climate control. Excessive waste forces paper companies to cut down more trees and hurt the environment.

Shredding Companies and Landfill Waste Reduction

Paper tossed into the trash ends up at the local landfill. As the human population grows, those landfills will only grow bigger with time. Recycling paper through shredding services, however, will significantly reduce landfill volumes. If a company stacks their unwanted paperwork in one corner for a month, they’ll be astounded at the volume. Multiply that volume times the millions of businesses in the world. Recycling shredded paper is critical for landfill-volume control.

Fewer Vehicle Emissions

Because many shredding companies are mobile, fewer emissions from business vehicles will enter the air. One shredding company visits these businesses instead of multiple vehicles contributing to air pollution as they haul the discarded paperwork. Fewer emissions reduces climate-control problems, smog levels and pollutants absorbing into the ocean.

Another indirect environmental benefit of shredding companies is paperwork-volume control. Because businesses don’t have to store so much paperwork at one time, they can lease or purchase smaller buildings. Those structures don’t have to be air-conditioned as much as others. As a result, the environment benefits from reduced emissions caused by less air-conditioner use. Secure shredding services is the first step toward a better environment tomorrow.

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