Shredding Responsibly: Five Tips for Secure Shredding

secure shreddingIf your company handles sensitive information, you already know the importance of secure shredding to dispose of of this information. However, not all shredders are created equally. There is a certain protocol to keep in mind when it comes to using a shredder. Just because you use an office shredder regularly doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it in the safest possible way. Here are a few tips to help you utilize your office shredder more securely.

1) Burn What You Shred

In many cases, it’s not enough to simply shred your sensitive documents. If the shredded pieces are too large, any individual with sinister intentions can simply reconstruct the document and gain access to your sensitive data. Even smaller bits of shredded information may pose a risk! To make sure your information is completely discarded, you may want to take an extra step and burn the remains of any shredded documents. This is one method of security that is sure to leave no traces behind.

2) Shop Around

Just because your company may rely on shredders doesn’t mean your office paper shredder is the best investment. They can be bulky, expensive and sometimes require maintenance—which you’ll have to factor into your office budget. Paper shredding companies provide the same services far cheaper, and in a much more secure fashion.

3) Get Rid of Anything Personally Identifiable

If a piece of information can be traced back to you, it isn’t worth keeping for any longer than you absolutely need it. This can and should include the likes of payment stubs, checks, backup devices and similar objects. If you don’t take proper care of these items, they can easily wind up in the wrong hands, leaving you and your company vulnerable. By relying on secure shredding services, you can easily eliminate these sensitive items in a quick and reliable way.

4) Do Your Research

Should you decide to use document destruction company to get rid of your sensitive information, you’ll want to be sure they’re up to date on all of the regulated protocols required with shredding and other forms of information disposal. Research several paper shredding companies in your area before you settle on one of them. Security is not just about cost. Check certifications, guarantees and compliance information.  You want to be sure they’re really secure and up to date on how to handle your data in the best way.

5) Avoid a Paper Trail

Because of its tangibility, paper documents and other pieces of physical information are much easier to use to trace your company’s activities. Naturally, this is bad news, as it leaves your company open to damages. If you can, try to keep as many of your business activities restricted to digital formats as possible. Doing so allows you to keep all of your data locked behind a password, which will make it harder for ne’er-do-wells to break through.

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