Shredding Services are a Must-Have for these Industries

shredding services

In today’s digital world, identity theft is becoming more prevalent with computer hacking and dumpster diving for paperwork information. From virus protection software to encrypted online sales, businesses are constantly updating their security measures to ensure customers’ information is safe from thieves. However, paperwork with critical client information is still generated in certain industries. Shredding services are a must-have in specific industries to protect both the company and client from financial strain.

Credit Card Company Information

When credit card companies contact any customers, there is sensitive information all over statements and offers. Any internal paperwork that must be discarded should be shredded. Even partial account numbers give thieves enough information to steal credit and drive up fraudulent charges. Secure document shredding at credit card companies protects the business from financial loss through fraud while creating loyal customers because of strong account security.

Banking Institutions

Banks are the heart of the finance community, offering checking accounts and mortgages to millions of people. If an account number is illegally taken off paperwork, customers could lose their life savings in some cases. Secure document shredding keeps account holders safe from monetary loss. Unlike credit cards, breached bank accounts aren’t quickly credited with replacement funds. Customers could wait for their accounts to be replenished, causing strife among banking clients who feel vulnerable to more fraudulent charges in the future.

Medical Field Shredding Services

Any medical information is personal and confidential. When hospitals and other facilities discard paperwork, it still holds sensitive information about patients. These items require shredding services to protect patient medical information. If a potential employer learns about a person’s negative medical background, for example, that information could be used against them during the hiring process. Medical information should only be known by the patient and corresponding doctor.

Sensitive Retail Sales

Although a person’s grocery bill may not seem important to shred, many other retail businesses have sensitive information about their clients that must be protected. Pharmacies, smoke shops and drug stores all offer items that are entirely legal, but often have negative connotations. These personal transactions should be shredded as the company slowly discards previous sales information.

From New York City to Austin, companies across the nation are looking into secure document shredding. Each business must research shredding services carefully to find a company with a strong security background. Even one information breach can mean significant financial loss and unhappy customers.

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