Shredding Services and Security: Avoid Common Office Shredding Mistakes

 shredding servicesMost employees understand the importance of securely shredding confidential company documents. However, with the day-to-day grind of being busy all the time, it’s easy to overlook these mistakes.

Some mistakes, like putting a piece of paper in the recycling bin instead of the shredding bin, may seem harmless. However, if that piece of paper gets into the wrong hands, the consequences could be severe. This is one of the main reasons why people use shredding services to ensure mistakes like this don’t happen. Here are some of the common shredding mistakes you may or may not be aware of.

Not Having A Shredding Schedule

Having a shredding schedule is important to prevent documents from stacking up. As a result, you’ll have a mound of papers and documents ready to shred, which can lead to misplaced papers and more mistakes from happening. Instead, you could use an on site paper shredding company to come to your office on predetermined dates to ensure your papers never get stacked up.


Not Having Secure Bins to Dispose of Paper

Most offices who deal with a large amount of paper will provide an empty box to each employee so they can throw any un-needed paper in the box.  This is a great idea as long as those papers are transferred to a secure bin so at the end of the day the box is empty.  Making sure that nobody has access to secure information is the reason that companies need to have secure bins for storing paper until it can be destroyed but many companies don’t take this necessity into consideration.

Not Maintaining Your Shredder

Having an office shredder is convenient, but most employees don’t have the time to make sure it is properly maintained because they are busy doing the jobs they were hired for. Maintenance involves emptying the contents on a regular basis, making sure there is nothing jammed that could cause the shredder to stop working and possibly oiling it. Not taking these steps could lead to the shredder being out of service, and involve repair or replacement costs.

Feeding Staples or Other Materials Through Shredders

When employees get in a rush, they may not even think about removing staples from pages. This is one of the easiest ways for an in-house document shredder to break down. Even the best office shredders that claim to be able to handle staples will wear down the more it is used. Outsourcing and using a document shredding company is a better option, so you can leave those potential issues to the experts.

Not Taking Advantage of Onsite Document Shredding

The benefits of mobile document shredding include secure and quick shredding, a confidentiality guarantee, convenience, and promptness. Companies who don’t take advantage of shredding services simply aren’t using their resources most efficiently. It may seem like you’re saving money upfront by not paying for a service; however, you’re actually spending more money in the long run due to the cost of a quality shredder and the time your employees spend shredding documents.

Marshall Shredding is a mobile document shredding company here to help you prevent mistakes from happening in your shredding practices. Confidentiality is the most important aspect of any shredding service, and we take it even further than that with our unparalleled customer service. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you prevent mistakes from happening when shredding company documents.

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