Shredding Services and Security: Trusted Partners Against Theft

shredding servicesThat overflowing “to shred” box in the corner office is becoming an eyesore. Documents from weeks ago are just lying around. This scenario occurs in far too many businesses. It’s a real security threat to your company’s livelihood. Destroying those documents in a timely manner is your solution. You may not have the manpower to cover it, however. Work with professional shredding services so that your data isn’t vulnerable to theft. A regular, pickup schedule is all that you’ll need.

No Questionable Visits

You want to know who’s on your property at all times. Dealing with a random shredder who just shows up is one of the reasons why businesses keep their shredding as an in-house chore. Secure shredding is different, however. The experts show up at your business with uniforms that clearly signify their company logo. ID tags are also usually attached to each uniform. In most cases, professional companies dedicate one or two employees to certain clients. You’ll know each other by name after a few visits.

On-Site Security

The overflowing box isn’t part of your office decor anymore. In its place is one or more security containers. They’re easily accessed as employees add discarded papers to them. However, the only way to pull the items out is with a lock and key. The on-site paper shredding staff hold the key so that they can access the container without interrupting your business flow. If you would like the shredders to meet with an employee during each visit, shredding services protocols are easily altered to meet your needs.

Shredding Services Employee Checks

You know who’s visiting your business. For the shredding employers, they also know their staff. Each worker goes through a background check and other interviewing processes so that only the finest people walk through your door. No one with a questionable background will work for secure shredding professionals. Every document remains the shredders’ responsibility from the moment that it leaves your office. Everyone involved in the process wants to have a secure experience every time.

Transparent Service at Your Door

Secure shredding continues with transparency during every visit. You’re welcome to watch the shredding process. Workers pull the discarded documents from the secured containers. They aren’t stacked in the back of a truck, however. The shredding machine resides on the transport vehicle. Walk outside of your office to see those documents being shredded in real time. You’ll instantly know that those items are beyond being read by any unauthorized people.

Proof of Shredding Success

Your trusted shredders offer you a certificate of proof after the documents are destroyed. These certificates are critical to your trust in the shredders. If any data is compromised in the future, you know the documents weren’t part of the breach. Every visit results in a hard copy certificate.

Insured and Certified by Third-Party Authorities

No reputable shredder goes without insurance. Ask your shredder about their coverage. Proud companies advertise their coverage amount that might extend into the millions of dollars. If any issues arise, that policy covers the damages. Expert shredders also have certifications from local authorities. These certifications are based on audits that are incredibly detailed. Finding faults with any security step forces the third party to revoke the certification.

Marshall Shredding is one of the companies that service Dallas, Texas. Consider a quote from these professionals because your proprietary information may depend on it. Shredding services is a quick, smart and easy way to protect your company from any identity or concept theft. Partner with the best in the business so that you can strive for the highest in security for your confidential documents.

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