Stay Secure with Document Shredding Services

Stay secure with document shredding services

document shredding servicesDocuments are part of the business world, from employment records to customer invoices. Although many documents aren’t that sensitive, there might be several filing cabinets that hold incredibly important information. If this data is outdated, it should be shredded as quickly as possible. However, most businesses don’t have the time or resources to shred on a consistent basis. Stay secure with document shredding services by a reliable San Antonio company.

Internal Protection

Every business has employee records that are sensitive in nature. Social-security numbers, supervisor reviews and other documentation that is filed away as employees either remain with or move out of a company. Employers need to protect themselves from any lawsuits stemming from internal-document compromise. If any internal records are released to the wrong person, the employer is liable for the damages. As a solution, mobile shredding destroys that old data, and therefore protects the business and employee simultaneously.

External-Risk Reduction

Customers leave their personal information with a business every time there’s a transaction. Credit-card numbers, credit histories and other information can be used by thieves if it’s accidentally placed into the wrong hands. Businesses need to protect themselves by using document shredding services. Old customer files can be destroyed and documented of this fact. If any issue arises with the customer’s finances in the future, the business has proof that the information was destroyed on its end.

Mistakes Happen

Security breaches can even occur from sheer mistakes. An employee who is simply filing some paperwork might place a document in the wrong area. It’s picked up and eventually compromised outside of the office. If frequent mobile shredding was involved, however, this paperwork wouldn’t be near any current paperwork. It would be moved into a secure bin where it’s removed within the week. Employee mistakes with data won’t happen ever again.

Quick and Reliable Service

There’s no need to worry about fitting a mobile shredding appointment into a business’s schedule. Simply pick a day and time, and the shredders come to the company’s door. They’ll pull the documents, shred them and offer the business a receipt. There’s nearly no time lost on the business’s side.

Businesses may be concerned about mobile shredding and its costs, but the convenience pays for itself in protective features. Driving paperwork over to a shredding facility only opens the business up to possible data loss and compromise. When businesses compare the cost of document shredding services and potential loss, the charges are minimal.

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