The Office Shredder vs. a File Shredding Company

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Businesses used to purchase office shredders as frequently as desks and chairs. These devices were necessary items to protect private information as they created paper scraps in a few short seconds. Today’sfile shredding needs are much more critical because even small information bits can be used to hack and damage identities. It’s important for businesses to compare the basic office shredder to a document shredding service because one offers more security than the other.

File Shredding Theft Opportunity

The office shredder is often located in a communal area, such as near a copy machine. Everyone can quickly shred documents as they pass through the area, but the scraps remain inside the machine. Nearly anyone can empty the shredder canister and piece together a document, for example. Businesses that send their paperwork to a document shredding service don’t have scraps lying around the office for possible theft. Company owners should also realize that paperwork waiting for the office shredder is a potential security breach. Unless all employees are strict about locking file cabinets or offices, anyone could take paperwork before it has even been shredded.

Environmental Responsibility Achieved

Office shredders simply empty into trash bins in most cases, filling local landfills with large paper volumes. Most shredding companies recycle their customers’ scraps, so the environment benefits along with involved businesses. Shredded paper dumped into trash cans can still be pieced together, leaving sensitive information exposed to possible fraudulent behaviors. Shredding companies recycle the paperwork in front of customers’ eyes, making any security breach nearly impossible. Businesses help the environment, employees and customers with safe shredding policies that work.

Employee Productivity Concerns

Businesses must pay their employees for all time spent on the clock. If employees must spend 30 minutes each day to shred their paperwork at the office shredder, productivity drops dramatically. Shredding companies visit a workplace based on a specific time schedule. Employees simply take paperwork out to the shredders instead of spending valuable time just shredding the information alone. Businesses should see tremendous productivity growth after hiring a file shredding company for several months.

Companies can share document shredding service costs with other businesses in the area. With several companies splitting a monthly bill, all businesses can use the same service without a large investment. These services are usually mobile, so simply secure sensitive paperwork in the office until shredding professionals arrive. Company information remains safe with each file shredding appointment.

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