Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Shredding Services

Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile Shredding ServicesYour office might go through several reams of paper each month, and a lot of that volume doesn’t go directly into the files or customers’ hands. A large volume of paper goes directly into the trash. This is how thieves take advantage of a business, vendor or customer. Any piece of information today can be used and manipulated for monetary gain. As a business, rely on mobile shredding services to protect your confidential information including data.

Leave the Staples In

Companies are accustomed to removing staples, paper clips and other items from their paperwork before placing it in the shredding pile. When in-house shredding is involved, this is usually a normal practice to increase the life of the machine. Professional document shredding is entirely different. These machines are industrial, which means that they shred both the paper and attached accessories. Don’t waste time by removing these fasteners. Unless you want to reuse those accessories, they can be shredded without any problems. Both mobile and industrial-size shredders have the power to move through small materials without damaging their components.

It’s Now Their Property

A rule that you may have heard of in the past is regarding property and trash. Once you throw paper in the trash and it ends up at the curb or in a dumpster, it’s now considered public property. In technical terms, anyone can read or take that trash without legal penalties being involved. When you use a document shredding service, the company essentially takes custody of the papers. No one can read or take the documents while they’re in the hands of mobile shredding services. This technicality is an important one so that businesses can feel safe against any possible fraud.

The More Volume, the Betterdocument shredding

If you’re unsure about a document being thrown out or shredded, err on the side of caution with shredding professionals. In many cases, paper shredding services will charged a flat rate for your services each month. It doesn’t matter if there’s one or ten paperwork stacks to be destroyed. Thieves can easily use a partial address to create a fraudulent situation so give any documents in question to the shredders. Keep in mind that invoices, bills, receipts and other pieces of data can also be used in identity-fraud cases. Be safe by shredding it all.

You’ll Save Time with Mobile Shredding Services

Some companies are under the impression that professional document shredding takes a lot of time away from employees. In reality, local shredding services is a much quicker process compared to manual shredding. Employees simply greet the professionals as they arrive, and they show them to the shredding pile. The employees or shredders might bring the items out to the mobile unit, but that’s where the work ends for the business. Employees go back to their tasks without any thought to the shredding process. Manual shredding can take an entire afternoon, depending on the paperwork volume.

Ask for Certificates

It’s not widely known that professional document shredding also comes with a certification. Shredders can offer the business an electronic or paper certificate that proves every piece of paper was destroyed. The certification may also include information about recycling processes, dates and other pertinent points. Businesses always know that their paperwork is taken care of with a certificate. This service can also be extended to hard drives for even more protection.

Work with mobile shredding services each month as your business moves ahead in the industry. Contract your shredding service with one company.  This will give you the benefit of an ongoing trusting relationship and with your shredding provider.

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