The Top 5 Misconceptions about Document Shredding

The Top 5 Misconceptions about Document Shredding


document shreddingBusiness documents will always be necessary because they hold proof of sales, contracts and other pertinent information. Any industry can generate reams of used paper over the years that will eventually end up somewhere. Documents usually have sensitive information that can be compromised when in the wrong hands. If a company has thought about shredding their documents in the past, they may have pushed off the service because of urban myths. Take a close look at the top misconceptions about document shredding so you can protect your business and its reputation.


There’s Plenty of Storage Space

Many large companies in major cities such as Houston, Dallas or Austin Texas, may lease or purchase a building that has a lot of warehouse space. So much space in fact that storage isn’t an issue. This is the area where all those documents will be stored for years. Owners don’t believe that the services of local shredding companies are needed because they have a long-term storage solution. However, certain files may contain confidential information that should not be accessed by just anyone. Storing of information should only be done for the required time period that it must be maintained and if it is sensitive, should be locked up.  Anything else that is past history should be shredded and recycled to eliminate the risk of information being compromised.

Small Office Equals No Document Shredding Volume

A start-up company can have very few employees. The generated paperwork is understandably light in volume. The owner doesn’t think about local shredding companies because the service seems unnecessary. This misconception can undermine a new business in only a few months. It takes one missing document to mar the company’s reputation. If  confidential vendor or customer information is stolen, the trust of handling information will never be the same again. The solution to document complications is hiring a shredding service.

Security Reigns in the Officedocument shredding, local shredding companies

Business owners may trust their employees implicitly, which leads them to believe that security is better in the office compared to a document shredding company. Employees may be trustworthy, but mistakes can occur at any time. A document placed on a desk that can be seen by anyone is a risk. If someone were to pick up that document and it ends up outside where anyone can use the information, there is a breach. Trust and security can continue in the office with a recycling container that is supplied by the shredding company for depositing documents to be shredded. With a scheduled weekly visit, no documents will ever be misplaced or compromised.

It’s Time Consuming

Stacking paperwork, hauling it to the shredders and waiting for the process to be completed seems like a lot of work. Companies see shredding as another long-winded task. In reality, mobile shredding service takes less time than performing the task in the office. The recycle bins simply need to be moved to the area where the shredding company will do all the work.  The shredding company comes to the business’s office, and performs the work on-site. Employees might spend a couple of minutes moving bins and greeting the shredders, but the actual process takes no time at all when the professionals handle the paperwork.

Documents End Up at the Landfill

Some company owners may believe that the documents end up at the landfill anyway so paying for the shredding is just an added expense. Reputable shredders don’t toss the pieces in the trash. These professionals recycle the paper so that the information is never seen again. Companies end up helping the environment and themselves with shredding services.

There might be several local shredding companies to choose from as you compare prices and service packages. Pick a company that is certified and compliant in this industry.  Be sure they offer a variety of different services with a moderate price. Document shredding in is an important service for every company that wants to protect their information. Customers, employees and vendors will appreciate the efforts in the long run.

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