Understanding Today’s Mobile Shredding Details

Understanding Today’s Mobile Shredding Details

mobile shredding document shreddingBusiness owners are smarter than ever in regards to their privacy rights and vulnerabilities. They’re aware that company information can be used in negative situations, which can hurt employees, clients and vendors at the same time. Shredding companies have created businesses that cater to these needs so that every industry can be protected from fraud and theft. As a result, it’s critical for companies to understand the current state of mobile shredding and its resulting benefits.

Confetti, Not Strips

Almost every office employee recognizes the appearance of traditional shredding. Papers entering a shredder will exit the base in long strips. These strips, however, can be easily taped back together in extreme circumstances. Many businesses can’t take the chance of this action occurring. When businesses consider a paper and hard drive shredding service for their needs, the documents are turned into confetti. To complicate the reassembly possibilities, this confetti is normally mixed with papers from various other companies too. The resulting pieces are nearly impossible to put back together. They also travel immediately to a recycling plant so that there’s no downtime for anyone to access the papers in the first place.

Certified Destruction

One of the best parts of mobile paper destruction is the immediate notification of the service. Mobile workers shred the papers at the client’s property. Before leaving the property, the client receives a certified document that the pile has been destroyed. Clients are also welcome to watch the process at the mobile unit if desired. Reputable shredding companies are transparent about their actions because it only boosts loyalty with their clients. If a shredding company is vague or elusive with their protocols, it’s time to find a new service provider.

Recycling is the Norm

In the past, shredded paper simply became part of the garbage as companies threw out the pieces. Today’s mobile paper shredding services industry deals with paper in a different way. All of the shredded sections are bundled up in a random order, and they’re taken to a recycling facility. In a streamlined manner, these bundles will enter a paper mill and become recycled products. Landfills aren’t filled to capacity with this strategy. Contributing companies will know that they’re actually benefiting the environment with their loyalty to a shredding provider.

More Than Just Paper

hard drive shredding servicesCompanies may be focused on their document-shredding needs, but there are so many other items that require protection too. Computer hard drives, in particular, are incredibly vulnerable to theft. If a desktop or laptop is stored away in an office corner, it’s time to consider a hard drive shredder service. Service providers pick up the components, take them to a centralized shredder and destroy them down to tiny bits. Any fraud or theft cannot occur when the parts are eradicated so finely.

No Contracts Necessary for Mobile Shredding

A concern that many clients have is contractual obligations. Some shredders ask for a long-term contract when it comes to any services rendered. Today’s progressive shredders, however, offer contract-free services. Companies can choose this option, but it’s not required. Clients will still receive top-notch services regardless of their contract choice. This freedom to choose only encourages the paper and hard drive shredding service to work harder with each stop on their route. Clients win when they benefit from the local competition.

As needs arise in the business world, owners and managers should bring them up to their mobile shredding professionals. New services are constantly being added so that every aspect of business is protected. From a hard drive shredding service to basic document destruction or on site shredding, these cautionary actions will keep a company viable in today’s fast-paced business world.

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