Most people and companies have fallen victim to identify scams and theft due to the loss of information that an individual obtained from a stolen document. Each organization has to take good care of its documents by looking for appropriate means and ways of destroying paperwork. This will help the company to protect its customers by keeping their records safe and free from intruders. The best machine that can carry out this task is the paper shredder. This machine can shred important documents into such small pieces that nobody can be able to retrieve the information.

The machine is loaded with blades that are designed to shred thousands of papers at a time. A paper shredder is an essential and popular tool that is used in the destruction of sensitive data, patient records, and client information. The machine has a head that sits on the bin. Its work is to support various steel rollers that are designed to cut the papers into smaller pieces following a certain pattern. As papers are placed on the top, the steel blades pull the pieces of paper cutting them into tiny pieces. The pieces are then deposited into baskets or bins.

The various Brands of Paper Shredding Approaches and Services

Their are different paper shredding techniques as well as the size and shape of the shreds produced. The case of shredder you need for your enterprise depends on the materials being handled and how delicate is the information you are disposing of.

Homes, small businesses and offices use fairly simple machines for daily bits of paper. Government and legal bodies may use sophisticated machines to ensure classified and materials which are delicate are shattered forever. Here are several example cases of paper shredding techniques.

  • Particle Cut Shredding Technique
    This type of shredding grinds papers down into mini particles by the use of fine-toothed blades. In particle cut shredding technique you cannot afford to reassemble the particles once shredding has been done. So this earns the product to be authentic and popular shredding technique. Security comes at very high prices, which means this paper shredder is quiet expensive for modest or average consumers.It is mostly used by individuals or companies that regularly deal with highly sensitive and confidential documents such as research institutions, government bodies, and financial institutions. However, these shredders can also be used by small business owners and consumers. If you are an average or small consumer, or in a company that security is the top priority, then you should invest in this approach.
  • Strip Cut Shredding
    This is the most popular and common way of destroying sensitive documents. The paper is cut into parallel strips as they go through several shredder blades. They are popular due to their availability and low price. While this technique is simple and available, it is the least secure.Highly sensitive and confidential documents have been compromised due to the approach since interested parties can carefully reconstruct the papers into the original document. The speed and efficiency of this shredding technique make it the most common choice for many. When using this type of paper shredder, you should consider the type of information you are dealing with. You should ensure that they are as narrow as possible to make the process of reconstruction diffic

Types of Shredding Services

When you are looking for paper shredding companies around you, you will notice that they offer shredding services such as:

  • One Time Shredding Services
    This is a popular shredding service, and it is sometimes referred to as annual purge shredding. Most companies choose this service when they have an annual clean out of old records and documents. All financial and other sensitive and unwanted documents are taken to shredding machines at once. This service is ideal when you want to destroy all documents at once. One time shredding service is free from contracts and will save you a lot of cash.
  • On-Site Shredding
    On-site shredding service is suitable when you or your company want to witness the document destruction process. Most shredding companies offer this service since it is mobile. For you to get these services, you should schedule an appointment with the company of your choice to shred the papers at your location.These companies use specialized tracks that will pack at your home or company to collect all the sensitive documents. The truck has an industrial shredder machine in which it shreds all your confidential papers in front of you or your office. You will be in the position to witness the entire process through a monitor that is installed on the shredding truck. The service is available for one time and regular paper shredding.
  • Drop off Shredding Services
    This service is similar to off-site shredding. With the drop off shredding, you will be able to collect all your sensitive documents and transport them on your truck to a shredding company near you. You can communicate with the shredding firm before you visit or book an appointment with the company.At the shredding facility, you will be able to drop your documents and leave the rest of the work to the experts. This service is a great solution when you are planning to reduce the total cost of paper shredding. The drop off service is common among residential customers who what to destroy their personal, financial and other documents.
  • Benefits of Paper Shredding
    The process of paper shredding offers secure and convenient ways of destroying your sensitive documents. When using a professional paper shredding company it will not only ensure the security of your information but also takes away the papers for recycling. You should protect your business reputation and your customer relationships as well as the security of your enterprise. Here are the main benefits of paper shredding.
  • Protects Your Clients and Customers
    When customers provide you with sensitive information or data, they expect you and your company to keep it safe. They do not expect it to be used for other purposes or stolen. Professional paper shredders will ensure that every piece of paper you give them is disposed of as required. Putting your documents in recycling bins or throwing them away puts your clients and customers in danger.
  • Safeguarding Your Reputation
    Your reputation is one of the vital assets in your business. If your sensitive documents are not well disposed, they may fall into the hands of your enemies or competitors. This may compromise the trust of your customers, employees and the whole community. It does not take a long time for private information to become a news headline in the media.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Every individual and business is pushed into preserving the environment. This means that recycling your papers as many times as possible and minimizing the usage and size of your carbon footprint. Using fire to destroy west documents may be secure, but it is not environmentally friendly. Shredding and recycling papers are more environmentally friendly. After the papers have undergone the shredding process, the papers are collected and taken away for recycling where it is taken back into paper once again.