What is E-Waste?

E-waste is any old or discarded computers and consumer electronics that potentially hold confidential data. However, it is important to realize that the dinosaur PC collecting dust in the corner of your office is not as harmless as it seems – especially if that computer can still be turned on and used.

Why is E-Waste Shredding Important?

Think about it. If your office were to be broken into and that seemingly harmless PC was stolen, all the better right? Less clutter for you. Wrong. This computer may still contain sensitive information that could seriously compromise your business should it fall into the wrong hands. This is why Marshall Shredding has created the perfect solution to rid you of that type of liability risk once and for all.

Types of E-Waste Services We Provide:

Government & HIPAA Compliant E-Waste Shredding Services

Mobile Device Shredding

Dispose of your old mobile devices the environmentally-sound way by using our handy, mobile shredding e-waste service.

Our processing facility specializes in discarding computers, electronic business equipment, batteries, mobile phones, SIM cards, xrays, discs, flashdrives and more in the most environmentally-conscious way possible.

Computer & Hard Drive Shredding

In today’s technology-fueled society, digital data has become very valuable to thieves. This is why it is important to secure ALL of your company’s computer and hard drive data. Not just the data present on regularly used computers, but also the data on old ones too.

We completely destroy your old hard drives, rendering it completely impossible to recover any data that was once present.

E-Waste Disposal Made Easy and Environmentally-Friendly

By operating a centralized processing facility designed to handle the disposal of discarded, old, or obsolete computer electronics, we solve your company’s e-waste problems. We have all the tools you need to safely rid your office, or facility, of the old electronics cluttering workspace while protecting your company’s data at the same time. After disposal, we keep the process environmentally-friendly by recycling all materials left in order to further reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment!