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We believe that once you see and feel the Marshall Shredding difference, you won’t put your company or your customers’ important documents in the hands of any other shredding company.

Why Marshall Shredding?

We offer a variety of shredding solutions to fit your every need.

Highest Security Rating

Marshall Shredding is one of the chosen companies in Texas to be rated AAA by the NAID.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive, up front pricing and we won’t slam you with fuel surcharges and hidden fees.

Unmatched Customer Service

That’s Right! We are the best in the industry when it comes to customer service.

Certified Drivers

Before any of our drivers even set foot in your facility, they have gone through a 3-step certification process.

Insurance Protection

Marshall Shredding exceeds industry standards with a general liability insurance coverage of $2,000,000 to all our clients.

112,066,000 Pounds of Documents Shredded with Zero Compromised Files or Data

That’s why we’ve been granted a security clearance to shred for the FBI, Defense Department and the IRS.

Marshall Shredding
Marshall Shredding
Did you know: recycling just ONE ton of paper saves around 7,000 gallons of water and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity? Marshall Shredding is committed to doing our part in saving the environment through our recycling effort. 🌳 Last year alone, we were able to save 65,552 trees, 26,992,000 gallons of water, 15,809,600 kilowatts of electricity, 11,568 cubic yards of landfill, 7,712 gallons of oil and stopped 231,360 pounds of pollutants from being released into the air. Want to be a part of our recycling efforts? Here are three simple things you can do to make a significant impact:

1. Recycle ♻️
2. Buy Recycled Products ♻️
3. Use a Certified Shredding Service like Marshall Shredding 🗑️

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Marshall Shredding
Marshall Shredding
Still wondering why you should use Marshall Shredding for your shredding needs? See what people have to say about us! 💬 💯

"I was very impressed with your shredding service! I had experienced this at the University where I worked and retired from, but had no idea it was available at our own residence. I found you online. I am very relieved of having been able to clean up accumulation of sensitive old papers and I am certainly recommending this to my friends.

Thank you so much, it was a great experience and I am grateful for very good customer service too." -Cristina M.

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Marshall Shredding
Marshall Shredding
When you choose to to work with Marshall Shredding, you aren’t just buying a document shredding plan; you’re buying a full team of committed, licensed professionals dedicated to helping you solve your document waste problem. We are proud of to report we have had ZERO compromised files within the past 20 years. 🎉

That is in part to our commitment in:
✔️Educating and training your staff on current document regulations and proper, everyday disposal procedures
✔️Working with your company on organization
✔️Instilling a lasting, document management policy within your company
✔️Local competitor with competitive price options compared to national companies
✔️Providing LIVE customer support 24/7

Want to learn more? Visit us at 🖥️

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