Professional Shredding Services

As an industry leading expert in document shredding, Marshall Shredding understands the sensitivity of your company’s documents and the burden associated with their proper disposal. After all, just one compromised file could result in a series of devastating consequences that no business can afford to endure.

Ready to Shred?

We take ownership of that burden and free your company from the overbearing liability and risks with cost-effective solutions.

NAID AAA Certified On-Site Shredding

We offer a mobile shredding service that will come on-site. Our high-tech shredding trucks come to your office, pick up your locked containers, and quickly shred the documents on-site. Not only are our trucks 4 times faster, each one comes equipped with a camera and video monitor system to allow you to verify that all your confidential information has been shredded. On-site shredding is secure, efficient, and convenient. Shredding is NAID AAA Certified.

On-Site & Shredding Services

We specialize in all facets of on-site document shredding including providing tamper-proof document containers, secure transportation, and environmentally-sound document destruction.

Off-Site Shredding – We Bring It To Our Facility

We will pick up your containers and shred your items at our facility, confidentially. Our facility offers high-tech video surveillance, to guarantee your documents will be safely disposed of under our care. You can schedule a one-time purge. When your documents no longer need to be retained, they can be shredded either on-site or off-site. *Not NAID AAA Certified

Walk-In Service

No appointment needed. Stop by our facility during normal business hours to drop off your documents or e-waste.