Why Use Secure Document Shredding?


Choose the Company You Can Trust.

Are you sure that you’re putting your company’s reputation and its financial well-being in the hands of a company you can trust? Information theft is a $24 Billion problem for businesses. With over 40 federal laws mandating that all businesses, healthcare facilities and financial institutions protect the confidential information of their customers, clients and patients, you need to be confident in your secure document shredding program. Marshall Shredding has a reputation for 100% security and zero compromised files.

Choose the Company Who Saves You Money.

The affordable, up-front price we quote you is the price you’ll get. There will be no fuel surcharges and hidden fees.· We’ll even give you a 10% customer discount on all purges. We can work with you on a contractual or as-needed basis.



Choose the Company Who Cares About the Environment.

You can make your company greener by shredding.·We recycle 100% of all the paper and metal that we shred.·You can feel good knowing that your company has saved trees, water, electricity, and oil by allowing us to dispose of your documents.·Marshall Shredding is an eco-friendly company. Being a green company is important to us because we know its important to you.

Last year we saved 65,552 trees by shredding and recycling 3,856 tons of paper! And we saved almost 30 million gallons of water, 15 million KW of electricity, and almost 12,000 cubic yards of landfill.

We work with you to make your company greener too. For every load of paper we shred for you, we bale and recycle it. Your information is disposed of securely, and brought back to the market as recycled products, helping conserve our natural environment.