A pile of paper that was shredded by a mobile shredding service in Texas

Mobile Paper Shredding Service

Stacks of paperwork ready for the shredder might litter your office space, which tempts employees to just discard the items into the nearby trash can. Avoid this by hiring a San Antonio mobile paper shredding service. With convenient service right to the doorstep, onsite document shredding can free up space when consumers schedule this service on a regular basis.

Flexible Scheduling

Busy businesses or households might disregard onsite document shredding because the service appears inconvenient. In reality, this doorstep service is probably the most convenient one encountered by companies and consumers. Contact the mobile paper shredding service, and set up any appointment that works with a tight schedule. Services might be during the workweek at 2 p.m., or they might be scheduled for an early evening time. Quality customer-service goals by the shredding company means that consumers set their times, and the shredders will do their best to be punctual for that appointment.

Watch the Process

Questionable shredding companies will haul the paperwork away to an off-site location. Although this scenario seems innocent enough, it leaves the customers vulnerable to identity theft. Mobile shredding means that the paperwork is processed right before the customers’ eyes. The paper runs through the machine, and everyone will see the shredded sections fall into the recycling bags. There’s no time or opportunity for anyone to read through and steal any critical information when mobile shredding remains on site. Customers leave the appointment with a safe and satisfied feeling that their information cannot be compromised.

Saving Valuable Work Time

When employees dedicate several hours a week to shredding their own documents, the business loses a lot of revenue from their lack of efficiency. One mobile shredding appointment each week or month can significantly change the work environment. Instead of sitting in front of the shredder for an hour, an employee can complete that difficult project. Shredding services arrive on time at the business’s doorstep, and they only require a few minutes of the employee’s time as paperwork stacks are brought to the door. The money that the business saves by hiring a mobile shredder can multiply exponentially over the years.

A reputable mobile paper shredding service can help their clients even further with green ideas around the office. They might suggest a different paper type that’s made entirely of recycled fibers, for instance. Onsite document shredding is a team effort, and the shredding company can help any business or household be eco-friendlier with some basic suggestions.

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