Save money with residential shredding

Save Money with Residential Shredding

Households are similar to small businesses because they receive and generate a lot of critical information. From a local San Antonio credit card offer to Social Security numbers, paperwork and hard drive information must be organized and discarded properly to avoid any information being stolen. Take a look at just some of the ways residents are losing money when not using residential shredding services.

Maintenance for Personal Shredders

Money is quickly lost on a personal shredder because of the maintenance involved. The machine itself receives a workout as thick pages run past the blades. The blades dull down and cost residents money and time to fix the issue instead of working on more productive activities.

Possibility of Identity Theft

The idea of someone using another person’s identity isn’t far-fetched in today’s digitally driven world. Thieves often only need a credit card number, PIN or Social Security number. Residents can lose substantial money without proper hard drive shredding because thieves access accounts with just a few bits of information pulled from the embedded files. Using professional services makes hard drive shredding and paperwork disposal easy to work into the monthly schedule.

Residential Shredding Services Come to Clients

Residents may believe they’ll lose money transporting their paperwork or hard drives to a shredding facility, but actually they save time and money. Many of these shredding professionals come directly to neighborhoods. They’ll shred the items right on the spot, allowing residents to see everything quickly secured with high-powered machines. The scraps are driven off to be recycled, removing any critical information from possible circulation.

Wasted Time Sitting at Shredder

If residents run their own home business, wasted time is lost money. Sitting in front of a shredder for even five minutes could be better spent working with a potential client, for example. Scheduling a monthly appointment with a residential shredding company frees up ample time to simply stack the paperwork in a corner until it can be disposed of properly. Residents see the difference almost immediately with more free time to apply to work or leisure.

Research a paperwork and hard drive shredding company to obtain a current quote. If possible, try to include other residents on the same street to create a local shredding day. Neighbors will be pleased to pitch in with the residential shredding services costs to lower their chances at identity theft.

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