3 Overlooked Benefits of Using a Mobile Paper Shredding Service

mobile paper shredding serviceEach day, residences and businesses receive a lot of junk mail at their addresses. Between credit card offers and private financial matters, the mail is a valuable asset to thieves. If a business is involved at a residence, other documents might be sensitive when thrown out after use too. Employing the help of a mobile paper shredding service is one of the smartest choices for both individuals and businesses. Consider the most overlooked benefits of using residential shredding to start document protection today.

Reducing Environmental Impact with a Mobile Paper Shredding Service

When residents use a mobile paper shredding service, they’re doing more than just protecting sensitive documents. All the shredded items are recycled by the shredding company. No paper is entering landfills and increasing volume, for instance. Many people wary of residential shredding don’t realize this is an overlooked and important benefit. In some areas, less trash means a lower disposal bill with local authorities. Simply keep documents stacked neatly in a household corner until a shredding company visits once a month, for example. The household will help the environment while protecting them from identity fraud.

Home Business Protection

With more people building their own businesses out of the home, residential shredding has another overlooked benefit. Home businesses can offer their clients the assurance that all documents are destroyed professionally. Shredders might provide a certificate of destruction, for example. This certification is proof of a recent shredding process, including the clients’ information. If an identity issue occurs with a home business client, there’s concrete proof that the breach didn’t occur with the company. Lawsuits can be avoided in some cases with this shredding benefit.

E-Waste Counts Too

A mobile paper shredding service usually offers more than just paper disposal. Take a look at all the electronic waste piled around the home. There could be old computers, cellphones and tablets waiting for a solution to their safe disposal. Shredding services protect data by destroying all components at the residential site. Residents will see their items disposed of in a safe manner while keeping all personal information confidential.

Spread the word about residential shredding to involve the entire neighborhood. With little to no documents entering the trash in one area, criminals are more inclined to work other areas with easier to access personal information. Everyone needs to be more aware of their information entering the waste systems to really change disposal habits.