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Getting Rid of Clutter at the Office Leads to Increased Productivity and Revenue

As the American workforce goes back to an in-person office environment, there is a unique opportunity for a fresh start. Some people still have some apprehension about going back to the office with over-stuffed filing cabinets, storage rooms packed to the ceiling, and cluttered desks. However, if you take the time to transform the space and clear out outdated materials, it makes the prospect more appealing.

Getting rid of unnecessary files and documents, as well as damaged or old hard drives and outdated devices, not only gives you extra room to stretch out and enjoy the office but also increases overall productivity and creates less stress on employees. You might even be able to turn the old storage room into a relaxation/communal space for employees.

A recent study by International Data Corporation found that an unorganized, chaotic, and cluttered office costs businesses 2.5 million dollars a year and significantly decreases worker efficiency. Precious time can be lost searching through old files or hard drives looking for information, not to mention the harmful dust and bacteria these items can accumulate, which can lead to employee illnesses and an increase in sick days. The idea of a tidy and organized office is appealing to everyone, but it’s not an easy task. There is also a hidden danger if these materials aren’t disposed of properly.

In 2022, according to the National Council on Identity Theft Protection, a case of identity theft occurs every 14 seconds. A staggering number of these thefts occur by stealing information from discarded documents, devices, and hard drives. Improper disposal of e-waste also has damaging effects on the environment. The United Nations defines e-waste as “any discarded product with a battery or plug that features toxic and hazardous substances such as mercury, that can pose a severe risk to human and environmental health.” In 2021 alone, 57.4 million tons of e-waste was generated and an estimated 60-90% was dumped illegally.

Finding a certified paper shredding and e-waste disposal service is crucial to protecting the identity of your employees, clients, and the environment.

Still Working from Home?

If you plan to continue to offer employees the opportunity to work from home, you should also be aware of the identity theft risks when holding on to or discarding old phones, tablets, laptops, and hard drives. These devices can contain sensitive information even if they are re-formatted or erased. Upgrading your technology may feel empowering but disposing of the outdated devices should be handled by a professional service if you want to keep your information safe.
Marshall Shredding can handle paper shredding and electronic waste destruction jobs of any size, and they will ensure your information is destroyed, keeping you, your employees, your clients, and your family safe from fraudsters and scammers. Marshall Shredding holds the highest rating (AAA) from the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and has had zero compromised files in over 20 years of operation. Marshall Shredding is the solution to dispose of your office clutter, safely and securely.

If you’re ready to get rid of the clutter and free up some much-needed space in your office, call Marshall Shredding today and let’s get shredding!