5 Ways Document Shredding Minimizes Compromised Information

document shredding

With computer hacking and identity theft a constant concern for all businesses, paper shredding has become a top priority to reduce data breaches. A fax or printed copy of a sensitive document can quickly be harnessed for illegal purposes, for instance. Businesses have turned to document shredding as their best way to minimize compromised information and protect their brand name.

No Extensive Transport Necessary

Data breaches occur at any vulnerable point in time, including transport periods. If a company transports its paper to Dallas for paper shredding, for example, information could easily be stolen and utilized. When businesses contract with a mobile shredding company, paperwork only has to move outside the building to be instantly destroyed. Reduced transport time practically eliminates compromised data.

Trusted Document Shredding Professionals Each Time

Most businesses find one shredding company and dedicate their paperwork to them. When paperwork is shredded on a regular basis, businesses know the shredding employees by name. They’ll build a trusting bond over time, making data breaches less likely. Shredding company employees may even help businesses understand possible data breaches by offering constructive advice, such as locking copy rooms after business hours.

Reduce Vulnerable Paperwork Piles

When a business doesn’t shred on a regular basis, paperwork piles begin to build. These piles might be consolidated in an empty office or storage room. These piles are infiltrated at a moment’s notice without proper shredding practices. As businesses shred once a week or each month, these piles dwindle in size. There may not be any piles after consistentdocument shredding routines.

Temptation Thwarted

Some data breaches could be close to home, such as from a rogue employee. If an entire office knows that shredding is a normal practice, there’s less temptation to take the information. Small paperwork piles are closely analyzed compared to large stacks pushed against walls. If any paperwork goes missing, a data breach is quickly discovered.

Recycled, Not Stored

Even when items are shredded, businesses might be concerned about data breaches afterward. Most shredding companies recycle their paper instead of storing it. Because storage isn’t an option, information simply cannot be stolen. Recycled paper becomes a blank canvas again.

Many document shredding companies offer contracts to their corporate customers. After interviewing several paper shredding businesses, companies should negotiate a contract to keep all services as regular as possible. When data is routinely destroyed, both businesses and consumers benefit with superior privacy.

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