are onsite shredding services necessary?

Are Onsite Shredding Services Necessary?

You removed the in-house shredder from the office. Working with professional shredders is the policy now. However, you’re still trying to decide between transporting your own documents or opting for onsite shredding. A cursory glance at the shredding industry may not tell you much about the differences between these two services. Compare local shredding companies because mobile services are the best value for any business.

No Employee Downtime

Onsite shredding is preferable because your employees have virtually no downtime. In the past, the workers may have dedicated several minutes each day to collecting paperwork and using the shredder. This time alone can add up. If the machine breaks down, your workers lose even more time by trying to fix it.

When mobile shredders arrive, they access a locked paper bins. Experienced shredders remove the paperwork and immediately take it to the shredding machine. They can even let themselves into the business’s front door. The employees don’t have to interrupt their workflow. As a result, you save time and money with mobile shredding.

See the Documents Disappear with Local Shredding Companies

Offsite shredding is a bit nerve-wracking because you lose sight of the documents. Several people might have access to the paperwork, which leaves you open to possible theft.

Local shredding companies that arrive on your doorstep will let you watch the destruction process. You’re welcome to accompany the operator to the shredding truck. Observe the entire process as the paper turns into confetti-size pieces. The remains end up at the shredding facility afterward to be made into recycled goods.

Form a Professional Relationship with Your Service Personnel

Key documents are extremely sensitive to businesses. There might be innovative ideas written up in a document that isn’t patented yet. Vendor information, credit-card data and employment statistics are also discarded at times. It’s good to know your shredders on a personal level so that a trusting bond exists.

Hire onsite shredding professionals and work with them on a regular basis. After working with a set schedule, these shredders become part of your company’s family. This trust makes the destruction process even more comfortable and valuable to your business.

Few Chances for Mistakes

Offsite shredding has some risks that businesses can’t afford. Losing documents during transport is possible. Questionable people around the documents at the shredding facility can compromise data. When the shredders come to you, there’s little chance of a mistake. The documents move only as far as the business’s parking lot. Losing the documents is nearly impossible.

Once the papers are in confetti form, they’re impossible to piece together. Any mistake that might have happened would’ve occurred in front of your employees. You would catch it and move forward. Lower your theft risk with onsite shredding services.

Receive Your Destruction Certificate Right Now

There’s a wait time for offsite services. The documents might be destroyed several days after the pickup date. You don’t know if the papers have been officially destroyed until you receive your certificate in the mail.

This scenario changes dramatically with mobile shredding. The shredder hands you a certificate of completion of the shredding process. You always know where that paperwork is during every step of the process.

Marshall Shredding is one of the top names in the document destruction business. Regardless of your chosen shredder, always verify if they use best practices. Certifying the destruction and locking your paper bins afterward are just a few details that should be part of any visit. A healthy partnership among local shredding companies will protect your business from any theft or compromise.

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