E-Waste Shredding and the Use of Shredders in Waste Management

E-waste ShreddingWe’ve all heard of shredders, but do we all know what they can truly do? Their basic function is to reduce the size of something. For the most part, we think of that “something” to be paper products, but a shredder can do so much more. It helps to protect our sensitive and personal information by destroying not just paper, but other materials such as E-waste shredding. In today’s digital world, and a world in which protecting the environment has become so important, shredders can perform many functions with many materials to reduce waste and reduce security breaches.

Consumer Versus Commercial Shredder

Shredders are generally either commercial or consumer types. Your average office paper shredder would be considered a consumer shredder, for instance. When it comes to needing to destroy documents, a consumer shredder will work just fine. However, when it comes to needing to destroy documents and materials to protect information, it just won’t cut it. To have true secure shredding, a commercial or industrial shredder will make sure that the material is destroyed completely, with no chance of it being recovered by would-be thieves. Your personal shredder does not reduce paper enough to make the information unrecoverable.

Waste Management

Industrial shredders are great for secure shredding, but they are also a big part of efficient waste management. Large volumes of paper and other materials can be reduced in size quickly and with little mess so that it can be sent to recycling facilities. Reducing the size of recyclable materials is a vital part of any recycling process. The smaller recycled items are before shipping, the more efficient that shipping can be. Any amount of money saved in the recycling process means that municipalities and other interested parties will be able to devote more resources to making the process better.

E-Waste Shreddingsecure shredding

As we all know, so much more personal and sensitive information is stored digitally every day. When it comes to identity theft and other crimes involving stolen information, computer hard drives are a big target. Unfortunately, all too often the disposal processes a facility might have for this electronic waste has not caught up with the sophisticated techniques of hackers and thieves. E-waste shredding will ensure that any information stored on hard drives or other devices like phones and tablets is completely destroyed. It’s not enough to wipe the device and assume that the information is completely gone.  E-waste shredding destroys items so hackers can’t use sophisticated equipment to retrieve it. Complete destruction of these devices can also help save office space. Many workplaces have old hard drives filling up a storage room and not being disposed of because they have sensitive information. Not only does that take up space, but it can also be at risk of being stolen.

Your personal office shredder can certainly not handle the secure shredding needs of today’s world. Thieves are getting more creative every day, and the need for information security has never been higher. That little shredder will not destroy documents completely, and it is not equipped to destroy hard drives any other devices. That is why secure shredding services like what Marshall Shredding offers are so crucial. They can make sure that your information is secure from the hackers who would use that information.

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