How Paper Shredding Companies Can Change Your Life.

Identity theft is a real risk in today’s high-tech world. With one social security number, a thief can quickly run through a person’s assets before they realize the breach. Although some people have personal shredding machines at home, businesses are more likely to just throw critical documents in a recycling bin or trash can. Paper shredding companies can change the life of an individual and business with just a monthly visit.

Junk Mail and Paper Shredding Companies

Whether an individual or business receives junk mail; they shouldn’t just throw them into the trash. These letters, offers and other information often have addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers attached to them. A thief can easily pull this mail from the trash and cause significant harm to personal or business accounts. Shredding companies immediately destroy the information, making it impossible to steal critical data.

The Bills Add Up

Everyone has multiple bills each month, especially for businesses. Even one person could have a dozen bills being mailed monthly. Although paperless billing is widely available, individuals and businesses often want a hard copy for their records. After several years, people throw these bills out in bulk. Avoid this mistake because thieves bet on whole billing statements to pull crucial information. Shredding bills is the best defense against frustrating identity theft.

Businesses Beware

Companies must protect their customers’ information too. If a customer discovers they have an identity theft caused by one business, relationships quickly dissolve and reputations are marred. Use a mobile shredding company to destroy customer documents holding sensitive data, including bank information. More customers may be encouraged to work with a certain business that makes shredding a priority.

No Commuting Time Necessary

Businesses could balk at the idea of shredding because it takes time to sort, transport and wait for the shredding process. There’s a solution in mobile shredding. These companies bring the shredder to businesses. The only work for the business is pinpointing the files to shred. The shred experts do the remaining work. Call the shredders out once a month or quarter. Keep up with the shredding to maintain document security.

Mobile shredding isn’t offered by all paper shredding companies so hire experts that do provide this versatile service. With shredding competition high in San Antonio, customers have several choices for their critical documents. Selecting and remaining with a quality company makes identity theft difficult for any thief.

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