Mobile Paper Shredding Service and Other Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

mobile paper shredding service, secure shreddingIt feels like you can’t read the news these days or surf online without reading about identity theft. It has become a big business for fraudsters all over the world, and you would be right to protect against it. Identity theft occurs when someone uses the personal information of someone else to commit criminal acts. These acts mostly fall under the umbrella of fraud. If you run any type of business that stores personal information, it is up to you to protect it. You can do so by using a mobile paper shredding service, as well as some other methods to keep information secure.

Keep Things Tidy

Keeping a tidy workspace, especially when it comes to paper, is critical. When you are finished with anything that contains confidential information, file it away where it belongs. Do not leave it sitting out on a desk or else it could be seen by fraudsters. Make sure everything is sorted and anything that can be destroyed is prepared for secure shredding.

Mobile Paper Shredding Service

Using a mobile shredding paper service is a big part of protecting your clients and staff from identity theft. A service will help make sure that information is kept safe during the destruction process. Staff can place all their disposal documents into a receptacle. The receptacle is then picked up by the service for secure shredding. The documents are then destroyed completely with no chance of the information being recovered.

Protect Your Digital Informationsecure shredding

More and more, information is stored digitally these days, but that does not mean that it is safe. Use all the available tools, such as firewalls and spyware, to keep your computer and devices secure. When it comes to a hard drive used for work purposes, your mobile paper shredding service should also provide a hard drive shredding service when the information is no longer needed. Consider it just another form of secure shredding.

Be Social Media Savvy

To keep your personal information safe, it is vital to be careful on social media. Identity fraudsters know how to mine your personal information from the details you provide on those platforms. Be careful about what you share, and do not accept requests from people you do not know.

Watch Your Financial Records

Make sure that you are monitoring your financial accounts on a regular basis, so you can catch any changes. You can even register to get alerts on your accounts. If you see anything suspicious, contact your financial institution right away to prevent more damage from occurring.

Create Secure PINs and Passwords

Using the word “password” or the name of your pet are not strong passwords. Anyone who knows you even a little bit will be able to hack them. Make sure that your passwords are random and incorporate several elements, such as a mix of upper and lower case, and special characters, to make it harder to guess.

Do Not Be Caught by Phishing Bait

Phishing is when you receive an unsolicited request for personal information. Fraudsters will contact many people in the hopes that one or two responds. Never give your information to someone over the phone or online without verifying that they are a reputable service.

It is unfortunate, but identity theft is everywhere these days. Make sure you protect yourself and your clients. Use a mobile paper shredding service and other techniques to always keep information secure.

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