Mobile Shredding Security

Mobile Shredding Security

You’ve been debating over the merits of an in-house shredder versus professional services. Shredding your own paperwork seems more cost effective in the end. Take a second look at this task, however. It’s not the shredding that’s a concern. The security revolving around the shredding bin is your focus. You might spend hundreds of dollars to protect data that’s been compromised from that very bin. Explore the professional difference of mobile shredding for your business. The answer to your debate will be a call to your local company.

No Vulnerable Paperwork

If you stack your paperwork in a bin or corner office, there’s absolutely no security associated with the documents. Anyone, including office visitors, might casually grab a piece of paper. These documents could have pertinent information, including account numbers, Social-Security numbers, and addresses.

Mobile shredding services include a locked bin that’s only opened by the destruction experts. Toss any paper into the locked bin. It takes a specific key to access the paperwork deposited inside. With regular visits, the shredders keep the containers almost empty for most of the week.

Mobile Shredding Results in Confetti

Shredding documents is entirely different when you compare professional and in-house processes. You’ve seen in-house shredding with its long strings of paper. They can be pieced back together. Professional shredders are industrial machines. They turn all the paper into confetti. It’s also mixed up with other paperwork so that matching sections is impossible.

If your company has a lot of sensitive data to protect, the confetti choice is the best one for your optimal security. Watch at least one shredding service before you hire the shredders. The process is impressive and continues to serve your needs through the years.

Secure Employees at Your Service

The physical destruction of your paperwork is a top concern. However, you also want assurances that the shredding employees are safe around sensitive data. Reputable shredders hire only background-checked individuals. They’ve been thoroughly vetted so that your data isn’t compromised on an internal level. In fact, shredding companies try to send the same employees to each customer so that everyone has a familiar face during the service.

Featuring On-Site Services

Onsite document shredding lives up to its name because no paperwork leaves an address without destruction occurring first. The professionals arrive in a vehicle that’s built to break down the paper. You don’t have to worry about fasteners, such as staples, either. Most standard, office fasteners can be shredded along with the paper. You’re welcome to watch the process.

Because you watch the paper turn into tiny pieces, no claims about compromise can be made. You even receive a certificate for each shredding process. You’ll know in the future that no information was ever compromised at your location.

Recycled Papers Completely Mask Sensitive Data

If you performed your own shredding in the office, those pieces end up in the trash. The possibility of further compromise arises because those pieces can be painstakingly attached together if the data is attractive enough. Onsite document shredding takes this scenario out of the picture.

Every piece of paper ends up at a recycling plant. The paper turns into pulp, which creates new products. It’s impossible at this point to see any data on the paper as it is permanently wiped clean.

Onsite document shredding will save you money over time. A growing business doesn’t have to worry about these details anymore. Partner with mobile shredding experts, such as Marshall Shredding, to secure your documents. After several service calls, every employee will be free of worry as their discarded work becomes recycled products.

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