Mobile Shredding Services: Improving Office Productivity Every Day

mobile shredding servicesLook at any random piece of paper in your office. It probably has a lot of sensitive data. Vendors, customers, and employee data are goldmines for thieves. Today’s document and computer information can damage anyone’s reputation or business with just a simple, data leak. Be proactive about your business’s security and productivity by hiring mobile shredding services. There’s more time in the day than you realize with professionals taking care of the document destruction.

No More In-House Shredding

By day’s end, one employee might have a stack of paperwork to destroy. They spend the last half hour of the day with the in-house shredder. Multiply this scenario by the number of employees. You have a staggering amount of time that’s wasted.

Onsite shredding solves this problem. Your workers simply take their documents to a designated area. In little time, professional shredders purge the container with nothing left that can be compromised. Companies that switch to professional shredding often see a huge change in their productivity levels.

Offices Welcome Professional Mobile Shredding Servicesmobile shredding services

Once you contract with onsite shredding professionals, they arrive at your address on a regular schedule. Your first visit includes an introduction to the shredders and a look around the office. Watching the destruction process may be your goal on this first visit. The shredders pull the documents out to their vehicle for the rapid destruction.

During subsequent visits, you may not even need to stop working to deal with the document-destruction process. Extend a courteous word to the shredders as they go about their business. You can trust in their work and remain productive. Each shredder has an extensive, background check so that every business has confidence in the process.

Curious Eyes Curtailed by Secured Containers

Productivity remains high because no one is concerned about the sensitive data being stored in an adjacent room. From executives to janitorial staff, concerned employees think about these documents that remain open to possible compromise. Dealing with a shredding company allows the documents to sit for only a short period of time. They also remain in a secured container that cannot be opened by just any person. In most cases, it’s the shredders who exclusively access the container.

No Runaround About Document Destruction

If you ever have a data-compromise situation, mobile shredding services make it easier for you to pinpoint the leak. Every paperwork stack has documentation before it’s destroyed. You’ll know if a vendor’s information was either misplaced or within a previous shredding pile.

By knowing this information with just a quick look at your records, you increase productivity regarding this incident. You find the leak and fix it. For companies without any shredding records, you might spend dozens of man-hours on this problem alone.

Certifications are Automatic

After every shredding session, companies receive automatic certifications. These documents divulge every detail of the process. Dates, times and document types are included on the certifications.

File these items away for reference at a later time. The information even includes the shredders’ data so that any questions can be forwarded to the proper parties. Continue with your everyday workload because any questions surrounding those old documents are answered with the certifications. Every aspect of your business, including legal ramifications, are covered when you have certified shredding.

A leader in the mobile shredding services industry is Marshall Shredding. Partner with this company to see your productivity rise. From onsite shredding to secure recycling, document destruction is the only way to protect your business from identity theft. Your workers will appreciate the freed-up time as well.

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