Hiring A Document Shredding Company? What’s Most Important?

shredding companiesAny business will have to dispose of confidential documents at some point. Whether it’s your own business documents or sensitive client information, you can’t just leave this information in the hands of any document shredding company. But what qualities do you really need to look for?

One thing you need to know is every shredding company is different. Your gut instinct will likely tell you everything you need to know about them, so it’s important to look at several options before you select the most trustworthy one. Here are the most important qualities to look for.


All shredding companies are going to claim to be the most secure solution for your shredding needs. They simply couldn’t market their business if they didn’t make this claim. But what you need to know is whether they have the proper certification to ensure they are current with the secure shredding laws. This is the most important quality for obvious reasons, but you need to be sure the company isn’t just blowing smoke to get your business.

Flexible and Reliable Scheduling

The best document shredding company will work with your pickup schedule and honor any special requests. There may be certain times during the year when you need more frequent pickups than normal. In addition, you need to be sure they are reliable enough to come on their scheduled day and time so you won’t be in a situation where you have a mound of confidential documents taking up space in your office.

Offers Onsite Document Shreddingonsite document shredding

The benefits of onsite document shredding services are important to consider when choosing a provider. This means the company will shred your documents there at your office, so you know they are completely destroyed before they leave your premises. The added security brings peace of mind to companies knowing they don’t have to worry about any information being compromised as a result of poor shredding practices.

Cost-Effective Services

Finally, you have to make sure the company you select offers services within your budget. Work with the company to find the best deals and services to ensure both parties are happy. A company willing to work with you to meet your needs is one you should consider at the top of your list.

Marshall Shredding serves all the major cities in Texas, as well as a some smaller surrounding cities. We have all the best qualities you need in a shredding company, and we want to prove it to you. Be sure to contact us to learn about the services we offer and why you can trust us.

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