Secure Shredding: Reliable Protection from the Desk to Destruction

secure shredding, local shredding companiesEvery business has sensitive information. From credit-card numbers to vendor details, this information must always be protected. Paperwork with this data, however, will enter the trash at some point. Companies become vulnerable with trashed items because anyone can snatch the data. Protect your business with secure shredding that covers the paperwork’s journey from the desk to destruction.

Entering the Locked Containers

Currently, your sensitive paperwork might rest in a locked room. The information appears safe, but there are countless vulnerabilities. Local shredding companies outfit their clients with locked containers.

Your company might have multiple containers too. The basic concept behind locked containers is ease of use. Every employee should be relatively close to these containers or bins. Out of habit, they’ll toss their paperwork into the bin as if it were their trash can. Once the paperwork is in the bin, it can’t be accessed again. The lock is held by the shredders and possibly a site owner.

Inviting Certified Professionals into the Buildingonsite document shredding

Business owners don’t have to worry about their data anymore. Secure shredding professionals take over the responsibility at this point. Background-checked employees come into your business. They take the locked bins out to their shredding vehicle and start the onsite shredding process.

Every worker with local shredding companies goes through an extensive background check and interviewing process. If there’s a concern about a potential employee, they aren’t hired by the shredders. The shredding process and reputable employees are both priceless to the industry. Trust in your shredders because they keep everything confidential.

Watching the On-Site Secure Shredding Services

Your local shredding companies want you to be satisfied with your service. No worry should enter your mind about where or when the items are being destroyed. In fact, the shredding professionals will ask you if you want to watch the shredding process.

Watch every piece of paper go through the shredding process. You won’t see long shreds of paper either. Shredders turn the paper into confetti, which is impossible to piece together. Ask if your shredder also handles hard-drive shredding. It cannot be completed as a mobile service but eliminating this data from the world is incredibly important for any business.

Receiving Proof

At the end of the service, the shredders don’t just drive off. You receive a certificate of destruction. This proof gives you insurance against any data-theft accusation. If a client claims that their information was compromised through your office, you’ll have proof that it wasn’t on your end.

File this certificate for future reference. It can save you money in the long run. No other recycling process offers you tangible proof of data destruction. You’ll always know what’s been destroyed or saved for a future service.

Recycling for Absolute Protection

secure shreddingThe shredding experience doesn’t end until your paperwork transforms into another item entirely. Your paper ends up in the form of confetti at a recycling facility. The certified shredders unload the paper onto a recycling machine. It runs through the facility until it’s turned into pulp and clean, paper products.

Your paper is confetti when it arrives at the recycling center, but security is still tight. The workers at the facility are also background checked and verified for your convenience. Quality shredders want to maintain their reputation in the industry so that you’re pleased with every service.

Secure shredding doesn’t occur with just any company. Seek out certified professionals, such as Marshall Shredding, to perform this delicate work. From hard drives to paperwork stacks, your sensitive information is safe with qualified professionals. Maintain your industry reputation by protecting your clients, vendors, and employees.

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