Shred These Items With Your Mobile Shredding Company

mobile shredding companyYour business has numerous pathways for information flow, from emailing colleagues to faxing over forms. Data is constantly being moved and adjusted so that companies can grow and flourish. This information can be infiltrated, however, if it’s not properly controlled within the originating company. Before you throw anything away, think about what you can destroy by using a mobile shredding company. You may be surprised at the services that they render.

Any Papers With Your Information

It’s a reality that many papers are quickly discarded on a daily basis when they should be shredded. Take a look at one day’s worth of paperwork. There might be company bills, client invoices and payroll information floating around. If any sensitive data is on a piece of paper, including bank balances and contact information, it must be shredded. On site document shredding can quickly come to your aid on a schedule that meets your needs. Simply create a storage area for the paperwork that’s waiting for the shredding professionals.

Papers With Metal Fasteners

In the past, companies typically neglected the shredding process because of the preparation involved in the paperwork. Removing staples, paper clips and other fasteners was tedious work. Most companies didn’t have the time or manpower to dedicate to this task.

Today’s document shredding machines are stronger than ever. They shred more than just paper. These machines take on most metal fasteners hidden in those piles of paperwork. The experts suggest tossing in those stapled documents because the ¬†shredding company has no problem destroying the information today.

Microfiche and Other Films

Many industries still use films to back up their information. Scientific researchers, libraries and medical specialists still turn to microfiche and other film images to document certain situations. When these films are no longer necessary, they can be destroyed by your trusted shredding partner. Leaving these films in the trash can compromise patients, research, and other sensitive situations.

You might print out pictures for training or documentation purposes, such as capturing an assembly line in action for sales training. These photos cannot be shared with the general public for fear of theft of proprietary information. Shred these photos for ultimate protection.

Handheld Devices

When you think of shredding services, paper goods are the go-to materials. However, you also save data on handheld devices. These phones and tablets might be in the hands of your employees for work purposes. At some point, you’ll need to swap out the devices for upgraded types. Don’t toss the old devices or allow them to be used by outside parties. Contact your mobile shredder so that they can collect the devices for destruction at a qualified facility. These items aren’t shredded just outside of your building in the mobile unit, but they can be secured and destroyed with powerful machines housed at the shredder’s main office.

Computer Hard Drives Destroyed by the Mobile Shredding Companymobile shredding company

You’re upgrading your server and associated computers at the office. Deleting and moving files have just been completed. You should be able to toss or sell the computers at this point. However, this scenario isn’t quite true. The deleted files can still be accessed if they’re in the wrong hands. Shred the hard drives as a safe solution.

Marshall Shredding is a company that dedicates its work to on site document shredding. Always pick reputable companies for these services, especially businesses with an AAA rating. By partnering with a mobile shredding company, you have the support of experts who won’t rest until your information is completely destroyed. Compromised data is no longer part of your business world.

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