Green Benefits of Document Shredding
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Green Benefits of Document Shredding

When businesses consider whether they want to use document shredding companies or not, the decision likely comes down to cost and effectiveness. However, what many businesses don’t realize is these companies can actually help them contribute to creating a better environment as well. There are several different “green” benefits with paper shredding companies that business owners aren’t aware of. The best document destruction companies can help you contribute to making the environment better by shredding all your old paperwork.

Shredded Paper Gets Re-Used

So what happens to your shredded paper when a mobile shredding company comes by and picks it up?  It is taken back to their facility where it is recycled. Recycled paper is used to make other items that will be used again in different forms, like napkins, plates, paper towels, coffee filters and masking tape just to name a few.  There are over 5,000 products that are used every day that come from recycled paper. When you use an on-site document shredding company, you’ll be able to see your paper being shredded right there at your location. With this method, you’ll know for sure your documents are securely shredded and are headed for re-use in the environment.

Frees Up Space in Landfills

Paper can take up a lot of space in landfills. When this happens, the paper has to be destroyed through various other methods. These methods could include using fuels that are damaging to the environment. Simply shredding and recycling your office paper with an on-site document shredding company will result in a significant reduction in energy usage and pollution.

When you think about the significant amount of paper being used in any given office, the number is astronomical. Some shredding companies may have to come to your office multiple times a month. If this is the case, you should request more secure bins for your paper that will be recycled. This would be necessary if the bins they have provided for you are filling faster than expected. If the large amounts of paper were thrown in the garbage, it could end up in the solid waste stream and damage the environment.

Document Shredding Companies and Saving the Trees

Trees contribute to a healthier environment. They provide a habitat and food for animals as well as absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.  If we can save trees simply by shredding documents, why wouldn’t we?  This is a huge plus for our environment.  If we all shredded our paper instead of throwing them in the garbage, we would contribute to a greener environment as a whole.

Marshall Shredding has helped hundreds of companies become “greener” through paper shredding in Dallas. We understand the importance of contributing to a greener environment, but we also take the security of document destruction very seriously. For more information on the green benefits of document shredding, or to set up an appointment for your shredding needs, feel free to contact us at any time.

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