The benefits of onsite document shredding
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Is Onsite Document Shredding Right For You?

Companies today try to save money in any way they can. However, the tricky part is figuring out which sacrifices to make in order to save a dollar or two. Doing your paper shredding in-house is cost effective, but you could be paying a high price if your company or client information gets out somehow. The security of onsite document shredding may be worth it for your company, depending on the information contained in the documents you shred. Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding if onsite paper shredding is right for your company.

Cost and Time Considerations

With in-house document shredding, you have to pay an employee to sit at the paper shredder for possibly several hours each week. Not to mention the cost of a quality paper shredder and having to repair and replace it occasionally. When you use a document shredding company, you’ll be saving the money on expensive shredding equipment. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time, since the shredding company will arrive at your office during the time you scheduled and shred all of your documents at your site.

Onsite Document Shredding is More Secure

Many documents companies destroy have confidential information on them. So when you shred them yourself, you still have to dispose of them somewhere. With mobile shredding services, you can watch the company’s employees shred the papers to the point where they are completely unreadable right there in your office. This is better than other companies that simply take your documents away to shred off site, where papers could fly out anywhere between your office and the shredding site.

Customer and Client Protection

In addition to protecting your own company, consider your customer and client protection when thinking about destroying documents. The worst thing that could happen is confidential or sensitive information getting out as a result of poor shredding practices. This information should be handled with tremendous care, and the best way to do so is by having the documents shredded in a location where you can monitor the process.

Marshall Shredding serves all the major cities in Texas and several smaller surrounding cities as well. Our take document destruction and confidentiality seriously by providing onsite services to destroy any documents you have. You can feel confident in your decision because of our 3 Point Guarantee: highest security, affordable prices, and unmatched customer
service. Feel free to contact us at any time to request a quote for your company to see if onsite shredding is the right fit.

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