debunking paper shredding myths

Debunking Paper Shredding Myths

There are many misconceptions surrounding paper shredding that needs to be cleared up. The worst thing to happen to any company is having confidential information compromised in one way or another. Some businesses don’t believe this can happen via paper documents, but the truth is they are vastly mistaken. A local shredding company can bring significant value to a company, so don’t believe these myths you’ve heard about paper shredding in general.

Myth #1: Our Company Isn’t Big Enough to Need a Paper Shredding Company

No matter what size your company is, secure shredding should always be near the top of your priority list. Whether you have 5 employees or 500 employees, security is key. If you think about it, all it takes is one piece of paper with confidential information to get into the hands of the wrong person. Unless you only operate digitally and never have a piece of paper come through your office, a local paper shredding company will come as a huge benefit to you.

Myth #2: No One Will Search Through Our Garbage

Everyone wants to believe no one goes through the trash, but the truth is it happens more than you’d think. Many paper shredding companies see this all the time. People go dumpster diving in hopes of finding some sort of information they can use for their own benefit. If this information ends up in the wrong hands, your company’s reputation could be damaged, not to mention the potential financial consequences.

Myth #3: Our Office Shredder is Just As Good

Just because you have a paper shredder in your office doesn’t mean your employees will use it. When it gets busy at work, it’s much quicker and easier to just tear a piece of paper in half and throw it in the trash. This happens more often than not. Plus, many office shredders don’t have the secure qualities document shredding companies have.

Myth #4: Shredding Companies Are Too Expensive

It takes paper shredding companies minutes to securely shred thousands of documents. It could take an employee in your office hours to do the same amount of work. Not only are you taking away time from that employee’s productivity, but most office shredders simply aren’t built for high volume shredding. The time your employees spend plus the cost of equipment will exceed the cost of a document shredding company, in most cases.

Marshall Shredding has heard all of the myths in the book when it comes to secure paper shredding. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years because of our 3 point guarantee no other document shredding company can match. Be sure to contact us to learn about our guarantee and to see how our services can help your business.

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