Pros and cons of using an office shredder versus a shredding service
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Service vs. Machine: Best Shredding Option

Companies that try to work completely paperless will still have to shred random documents throughout the day. The big decision businesses have to make is whether to use a shredding company or invest in a quality paper shredder of their own for their secure shredding needs. Both have benefits and downfalls, meaning there is really no right or wrong answer. Most of the time, it just depends on the specific needs of the company. We are here to help you determine what is best for your company.


Types of Documents You Shred

If you receive highly sensitive documents in the mail or have to print confidential information regularly, a document shredding service is likely your best option. The best shredding companies will use a cross-cut technique to chop the page into hundreds of tiny pieces, making it virtually impossible to retrieve any of the information.

While you can purchase a paper shredder with cross-cut capabilities, you have to consider whether your employees will actually use it. Many times it’s easier to just tear the page in half a couple times and throw it away rather than getting up and shredding it. You can’t keep a close eye on your employees at all times in that regard.

Volume of Documents You Shred

Another consideration is how many documents you go through on a daily or weekly basis. Many employees will have a box under their desk where sensitive documents get accumulated. At the end of the week, they dump it off in the shred bin. This is much easier, offers a much more secure option, and doesn’t waste the time of your employees.

Cost Considerations

One of the final factors in determining whether to use a paper shredding service or purchase a shredder is the cost. You can get some commercial-grade shredders for less than $1,000, but the high-end shredders go for more than that. When you purchase a shredder, you have to also factor in the time your employees spend shredding documents. This all adds to the cost of the shredder over time, making it much more expensive than the initial price tag.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is most companies will benefit from using a mobile shredding service. It is more secure, more effective and will not waste your employees’ time. There is a time and place for an office shredder, but if you have more than a handful of employees, it’s probably not the best idea.

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