a guide to choosing the right shredding company for your overflowing file cabinet.
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Choosing a Document Shredding Company

Before you consider hiring a document shredding company, you need to make sure they are the right fit for your business. If the documents you need shredded are highly confidential, then make sure the company has the proper procedures in place to keep them safe. There are many standards paper shredding companies have to meet, but it’s important to make sure the company you choose doesn’t just get by providing bare minimum services. Here is a guide to help you determine which company is the right fit.

Know What Shredding Methods Are Used

Some shredding companies will shred papers into thin strips, making it possible to obtain information from those papers. The best document destruction companies will use a cross-cut method so it’s virtually impossible to get any information off of them. When they are shredded into confetti, even the most detailed thief won’t be able to put the documents back together to access the information.

Who Sees Your Documents Before They Are Shredded?

What if you don’t even want the employee shredding the documents to see them? The best shredding companies will provide locking bins where the papers are collected. Access is given to the shredding company while they are at your location and when the bins have been emptied, they are returned with the lids locked. Another characteristic to look for is whether they offer on site document shredding. This is where the company will shred the documents at your office before they are transported to their facility for recycling. You will have the peace of mind knowing and being able to see the documents being shredded before they leave your office.

Offers More Services Than Paper Shredding

The majority of your shredding needs may come in the form of paper shredding, but you never know when you’ll need to destroy other equipment like computer hard drives. This is just one example of what shredding companies can offer, so you may want to ask them and think about what you might need them for in the future.

Visits Regularly at Predetermined Times

Many businesses go through a lot of paper in a short amount of time. A quality document shredding company will work with you to determine how often they need to come on site for your shredding needs, and they will show up on time, every time. Overflowing shredding bins are never a good thing from a confidentiality standpoint, so knowing your shredding company will be there before that occurs is a big bonus.

At Marshall Shredding, we are proud of the fact that we have not had a single compromised document in the past 15 years of service. We take your confidentiality seriously, so contact us today to speak with one of our professionals about how we can serve your business.

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